Opposing Beliefs on Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic abuse is one of the most common types of family violence. The generic definition of domestic abuse is when one member of a family, relationship, or marriage abuses another member in their relationship. There are many signs of domestic abuse as well as many causes. The main argument people can propose about domestic violence is whether it’s ethical. Also, whether the person who is being abused earned, or deserved, the abuse.

I understand that some individuals argue that the person being abused deserved the abuse, and that domestic violence is ethical.I understand this reasoning, and I also recognize that there are supporting arguments that are valid. However, there is evidence to show that the abuser’s past and their current mindset play a large part in their violence. A conflict is created because the two arguments can be supported, but one side tends to be defended and argued more frequently. The mindset of a domestic abuser plays a great part in the reasoning behind domestic abuse being unethical. The way the abuser thinks and how they act towards others can prove many things alone.

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An abuser will shift the responsibility of their violence onto someone else, make excuses for their violence, believe they don’t have to follow rules, and make their violence seem unimportant. A number of people would state that there is no reason for someone to be abused in any situation, and especially not in a relationship where love is involved. Others would continue to argue that the person being abused initiated the abuser, and deserved any violence that was received. Another aspect that provides question towards domestic violence is the abuser’s past.Research proves that individuals who are raised in violent surroundings are more likely to bestow violence upon their loved ones later in life. When someone is raised with violence and they are aggressive by nature there is no way for mistreatment to be earned. If they’re practically programmed to be violent, they’re going to harm the people around them whether those people instigated the violence or not.

Therefore, the argument that the mistreatment is earned is no longer a valid claim. The controversy of domestic violence being ethical is unquestionably a debatable topic.There is more evidence against domestic violence as opposed to evidence that supports it. Even though several people state that domestic abuse is non-ethical, there are still people who believe that there isn’t anything wrong with it. The people who defend domestic abuse don’t usually think of it as “abuse”. They’ll portray the violence as self defense, or state that the abuser was probably provoked. Even though I can somewhat grasp the argument that domestic abuse could be ethical, the fact that domestic violence can be described as “self defense” isn’t a very compelling argument to explain why someone would abuse a loved one.

The debatable concept of domestic violence being ethical is a controversial subject. Some people may attempt to support their belief that it’s ethical, but I doubt their arguments can be as strong and supported as the contrary. The idea of bestowing violence upon others is generated early in life. If they’re taught to be violent when they’re young then they’ll create aggression in their later relationships. In my opinion, domestic abuse is a scenario where the abuser has a longing for dominance, and it isn’t ethical in any way.


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