Ophelia Witch Or Victim Research Essay

Ophelia: Enchantress Or Victim? Essay, Research PaperIn my sentiment I would state that Ophelia is merely an guiltless victim alternatively of being a heartless enchantress. I believe this to be true because I believe she is merely an guiltless victim because she is being forced to move in a affair in which she does non desire to move.

First her male parent forces to disregard Hamlet at all cause and to reject his letters. but as you did command, I did drive his letters and denied his entree to me ( II. three. 108-110 ) this proves that she did as her male parent told her to make even though she didn t privation to make it. Another ground for my belief is that her loved 1s and others are pull stringsing her. These people who are making this is her brother, Laertes, and her male parent Polonius. The manner her brother is pull stringsing her is by giving her somewhat false information about Hamlet, which give Ophelia to give 2nd ideas about Hamlet.

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An illustration of this is in Act I, Scene 3 where Laertes says, Fear it, Ophelia, fright it, my beloved sister, and maintain you in the rear of your fondness out of the shooting and danger of desire. ( I. three.

33-35 ) Laertes seems to care about his sister and doesn T want her to acquire hurt but in world back so in their clip, Laertes does non care much about his sister but alternatively care about his male parent and himself because in Shakespeare s clip, a male parent s son-in-law doesn t give much money to his male parent if his married woman is non a virgin. So it seems that Laertes is merely looking out for his male parent and himself.Ophelia s male parent, on the other manus, is different.

He does care about his girl but is really cautious about her actions with Hamlet. He even goes so far as to coerce her girl non to be in any contact with Hamlet. He tells her I would non give words or speak with the Lord Hamlet.

( I. three. 132-134 )This means non to speak to Hamlet and non to compose him any letters.

Because of this, Ophelia is forced to hold no contacts with Hamlet enchantress, for certain, will interrupt a loving twosome s love. This must be lay waste toing for Ophelia because she is fundamentally out to see the 1 who she loves in a heartfelt way. This is, to me, a good examplupus erythematosus because it shows how Ophelia is being manipulated by her male parent into believing that Hamlet is bad for her even though her male parent shouldn T truly be the 1 who controls her actions.

Besides the mere fact that Polonius orders Ophelia to give him the letters Hamlet wrote to Ophelia shows how inconsiderate of other people s feelings and personal concern he is. This would hold left her in a non peculiarly strong psychological province and unable to get by without the control and laterality of her ‘betters’ , betters as in Polonius, Laertes, and Hamlet. Besides when Ophelia comes to state her male parent that Hamlet came to her room all Wyrd and delusional, it seemed that Polonius non merely wanted to assist his girl but it seemed the he besides would of liked to acquire on the male monarchs good side by assisting them happen out what is traveling on with Hamlet. You can state that he wanted to kill two birds with one rock.Subsequently on in Act 3, you can happen another illustration of how Ophelia is merely being used by the people around her merely so they can acquire what they want and non even sing how this will consequence Ophelia.

In scene 1 of Act 3, Polonius and the King topographic point Ophelia in a room where Hamlet can happen her so that they can detect if Hamlet is huffy merely about what s go oning with Ophelia and himself. But what ends up go oning is Hamlet, with all of his choler, interrupt off their relationship really furiously, go forthing Ophelia injury and scared with Hamlets action. This is an illustration of Ophelia being an inexperienced person victim because was merely used like an object for other people s pleasance.In decision, I would wish state one time once more that Ophelia is non a heartless enchantress but she is merely an guiltless victim. This is apparent because of all events that have happened to her up to where we are.

It can be either Ophelia s father Polonius coercing her non to hold any contact with Hamlet, which could hold caused Ophelia to go suffering and depressed, which would of do her non responsible for her actions. Or it could be the fact that she was used as a steerer to happen out what was incorrect with Hamlet, and in that scene she was rejected and became even more down.


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