Operations Strategy with focus on Growth Essay

Briefly depict your apprehension of the construct of Operations Strategy, its importance and its min concepts. Huge figure of companies asserted that operations scheme is one of the best attacks to distinguish themselves from their rivals. Waller [ 5 ] asserted that the strategic which should associate to operation ‘s public presentation object is of import of its operations and supply concatenation. Hill [ 4 ] besides suggested that scheme include the position of both way and execution.

Operation scheme is a long term program which is designed to accomplish its coveted aims [ 5 ] . Chase et Al. [ 3 ] claimed that operations scheme is to be after a broad and complete guidelines or attacks which is the best support for companies ‘ long term end. Chase et Al. [ 3 ] besides mention four degrees of position in operations scheme including acquisition and growing, internal, client and fiscal position. Slack et Al. [ 2 ] addressed that operations scheme is the form of determinations and actions that shapes the long term vision, nonsubjective and capablenesss of the operation and its part to overall scheme. Slack et Al. [ 6 ] besides indicate out that operations scheme should refer four positions as followers:

( 1 ) Top down

Operation scheme is a top down contemplation of what the concern wants to make.

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( 2 ) Bottom up

Operation scheme is a bottom up activity where operations betterments cumulatively build scheme.

( 3 ) Market demands

Operationss scheme involves interpreting market demand into operations determinations.

( 4 ) Capabilities of operations resources

Operation scheme involves working the capablenesss of operations resources in chosen markets.

Harmonizing to above, it can be concluded that operations scheme which is the manner in which operations resources are developed over the long term to make sustainable competitory advantage for the concern concerns investings and developments to back up the order victors and qualifiers ( such as on clip bringing, quality conformity and monetary value ) for which it has both single and concerted duty.

2. What do you see to be the chief operations public presentation aims in the context of Yo! Sushi? How these aims reflect the construction and outlooks of the company ‘s market? How do you measure the comparative importance of these aims?


An operations scheme should specify operations public presentation aims which will adds value for clients and contributes to competitiveness by being able to fulfill the demands of its clients. Slack et Al. [ 2 ] suggested that there are five facets of operations public presentation, all of which to a greater or lesser extent will impact client satisfaction and concern fight.

( 1 ) Quality: making things right.

( 2 ) Speed: making things fast.

( 3 ) Dependability: making things on clip.

( 4 ) Flexibility: altering what you do or how you do it.

( 5 ) Cost: making things stingily.

Chase et Al. [ 3 ] besides claimed that the major competitory dimensions that form the competitory place of a company include the followers:

( 1 ) Cost: do it inexpensive.

( 2 ) Product quality and Dependability: do it good.

( 3 ) Delivery velocity: do it fast.

( 4 ) Delivery dependability: present it when promised.

( 5 ) Coping with alterations in demand: alter its volume.

( 6 ) Flexibility and new merchandise debut velocity: alteration it.

( 7 ) Other merchandise specific standards: support it.

Harmonizing to above, the chief operations public presentation aims in the context of Yo! Sushi are quality ( nutrient and service ) , velocity, flexibleness and cost.

( 1 ) Quality

Quality is really of import index or portion in the eating house industry. Harmonizing to the article, foremost, the quality of nutrient must pull off and command vey carefully including nutrient criterions and hygiene. Second, the quality of service besides is a critical fact which non merely relates to the individual to individual interaction, but besides to the general cleanliness of the eating house. In add-on, in order to better service quality, Yo! Sushi usage questionnaires to do some communicating and feedback from their clients. It non merely allow them understand their drawbacks but besides found a manner to do the client a repetition visitant in the hereafter.

( 2 ) Speed

With respect to rush, nutrient stock direction is a really of import portion which is related to it. On one manus, if the nutrient has sold off the belt, the same point of nutrient will to be filled in shortly. On the other manus, if the nutrient has non been sold off the belt in two hours, it must be discarded. To accomplish the public presentation aim of velocity non merely guarantee fresh of nutrient, but besides better the eating house ‘s service quality.

( 3 ) Flexibility

Customers who want to see a assortment of dishes displayed need some different and particular bill of fare to do them returning. Assortment dishes include seasonal bill of fares and repast publicities which can promote clients ‘ expecting.

( 4 ) Cost

How to do a sensible rang of monetary value for their nutrient is besides a critical object in Yo! Sushi. Harmonizing to the article, the writer mentioned that there are three different degree client groups including “ symbols of success ” , “ urban intelligence ” and “ public assistance boundary line ” have been eaten in the eating house. Because of this, how to put monetary value of repasts are a critical issue in their concern.

There are four construction and outlooks of company ‘s market. First of wholly, to accomplish the object of quality can make a opportunity of clients ‘ returning. Second, to accomplish the object of velocity non merely guarantee fresh of nutrient, but besides better the eating house ‘s service quality. Third, to accomplish the object of flexibleness could promote client ‘s motive to savor particular and besides do them returning. Last, to accomplish the object of cost could make much concern in many different degree clients. It can be concluded from above, different operations will hold different positions of what each of the public presentation objectives really agencies. In other words, the comparative importance of four public presentation aims above which can supply competitory advantages depends on how the concern competes in its market.

3. What do you see to be the most of import challenge for the company and its manager?


Harmonizing to the article, the most of import challenge for the company is how to actuate the ‘virgin ‘ class clients and how to make the best opportunities of this client returning. ‘Virgin ‘ clients who mean the people who have non been to the eating house before will non cognize how the conveyor belt system works and how to order different Nipponese dishes.

We can besides see from the article that the most of import challenge for the company ‘s manager is how to acquire right public presentation steps of the eating houses. In the article, Robin asserted that given the right set of prosodies non merely promote director ‘s public presentation but besides waiters public presentation outperform their current functions.

There are besides two chief grounds why the company ‘s manager should to acquire right public presentation steps. First, it will convey free up hard currency to put in new gap. This ground is refer to CEO ‘s aim which is to hold over 100 eating houses unfastened at 2011.Secondly, it will maintain company ‘s loyal set of ‘lovers ‘ coming back for more. This ground is a critical scheme which make company sustainable operations.

It can be concluded from above that if the company can actuate the ‘virgin ‘ class clients and do them returning, it will convey much benefits for the company ; if the company ‘s manager could to acquire right public presentation steps of the eating houses, it non merely convey free up hard currency to put in new gap but besides keep company ‘s loyal set of ‘lovers ‘ coming back for more in the hereafter.

4. How the identified public presentation aims would impact the company ‘s resources and procedures ( quality, capacity and planning ) ? And what your suggestions would be to the CEO in choosing steps of public presentation to better the eating house ‘s place? Compare your reply with what may be the current attack and solutions of the company ‘s direction.


Harmonizing to the figure1 above, Slack et Al. [ 1 ] claimed that the market demand and the operations resource positions on operations scheme represent two sides of a strategic equation that all operations directors have to accommodate.

Harmonizing to the figure2 above, Slack et Al. [ 2 ] besides asserted that constructing operations capablenesss means understanding the existing resources and procedures within the operation.

Different merchandise groups require different public presentation aim which might associate to their place. In instance of Yo! Sushi, quality and flexibleness are the most of import public presentation aim which should be measured more carefully. First of all, nutrient quality and service quality are a critical index related to clients ‘ satisfaction which non merely better eating house ‘s place but besides create trade name trueness of their clients. In add-on, the flexibleness of nutrient is besides attack to pull clients successful.

In order to place my suggestion of public presentation step, I will compare with another nutrient eating house called Burger king which is besides set some public presentation nonsubjective to do their concern excellent.

( 1 ) Quality

Burger king non merely proud the quality of its nutrient but besides focus more on their service quality [ 1 ] . Compare with Yo! Sushi, quality of nutrient and service are an of import points of its concern.

( 2 ) Speed of service

This is a chief different between Burger king and Yo! Sushi. Burger male monarch is type of fast nutrient which is of import in its velocity of service, particularly take away. Whereas, more clients of Yo! Sushi choose eat in which more focal point on enjoy the procedure of repast than velocity.

( 3 ) Flexibility

Flexibility is another critical index in eating house industry. Both Burger male monarch and Yo! Sushi are attach importance to it. Variety repasts can pull clients more success than unchanged repasts.

( 4 ) Cost

Burger male monarch is non really cheapest in the fast nutrient market [ 1 ] . As a consequence, how to do a sensible rang of monetary value which can convey more broad rang client groups for their concern is besides a critical object in Burger male monarch and Yo! Sushi. Whilst, utilizing natural stuffs more efficaciously and avoid inordinate wastage are besides a method to diminish its operation cost.

5. How do you depict Yo! Sushi ‘s place in the market and the province of their operations and public presentation, and how do you associate it with the operations scheme the company has adopted and implemented?


An operations scheme should place the wide determinations that will assist the operation achieve its aims [ 2 ] . In general, Yo! Sushi ‘s place in the market and the province of their operations and public presentation are good. First of all, Yo! Sushi really care about their quality of nutrient and service because they know it is a critical fact in eating house industry and service industry. Second, in order to do assortment dishes, Yo! Sushi create seasonal bill of fares and repast publicities to promote their clients returning. Third, Yo! Sushi control their nutrient stock direction really good which related to services quality. Fourthly, in order to run their concern good and better their trade name visibleness, Yo! Sushi choose unfastened eating houses in market place. Location choice of Yo! Sushi is besides a really critical determination in their operation scheme. Fifthly, Yo! Sushi franchise the construct to abroad spouses which makes Yo! Sushi from little company to transnational company. Sixthly, Yo! Sushi usage questionnaire to mensurate eating houses public presentation and communicate with their clients. It non merely acquires some advice from their clients, but besides allow them do a sensible step of public presentation. Last, Yo! Sushi make a new dining experience which include informal, border and self-paced speedy service restaurant.

In drumhead, it is clear that the operations scheme of Yo! Sushi is really successful. It non merely reflects the concern ‘s market demands, but besides achieve company ‘s public presentation aim.


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