Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Operation time management and keeping of records.

Operation time management and keeping of records.

Operation Management Simulation

Working with the Fantastic Four was a good experience for me as I was able to develop my operation management skills. The card marking simulation dealt with making various types of cards based on the current demand. No cash was handled by the team and the transactions made were to match the ones for the controller. The mode of working in the simulation was two hours in two transactions followed by a short break. If the order is not accepted the materials are returned and can be used to another transaction meeting the specifications. The company is focused to offering excellent services while meeting the client’s specifications.

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The card making simulation has played a key role to the skills which I am currently possessing. I have learnt things like teamwork, time management and keeping of records. Meeting the specifications of the cards has been the central focus where I am expected to ensure each and every detail had been checked in my Fantastic Four team. The controller has been of great help during the simulation because when stuck on how to handle our task, he willingly supported us and encouraged learning new things. He has helped our team on making the transactions flow by ensuring that each group member is delegated their task. There is power when people work as a team, the task is broken down into simpler and executable ones.

In my group, I have also learnt to have timely execution of my duties as timing is held dear in delivery process. The simulation has really helped me to check on the speed of making cards and delivering the cards at the specified time. Sometimes we are needed to process the cards and meet the customer’s deadlines. However, I have trained in my group to be a good manager of time in the simulation operations. The simulation was very beneficial as I can be able to manage my work and meet the set deadlines.

However, there has been some challenges in handling the company’s operations in the simulation due to the inefficiency of the employees and also for the system. With my Fantastic four, challenges helped us to reveal the sense that there is hardly a system that is fully efficient. Therefore, through the assigned directors and instructors, we were able to learn from the mistakes and our performance went up increasingly.  

Record keeping is very essential and allows for easy bench marking of the payments through the use of receipts. Keeping the receipt records, sales orders and delivery notes increased our practical knowledge on keeping records. It helped the team to easily keep track of the orders which they had transacted in their areas of management. The team was able to link the experiences with the real business setting where the keeping of receipts and records helps in the calculation of profits, losses and performance of employees.

Good communication within different groups in the company is essential as it extends from the bottom to the top management and also to the clients. My colleague learnt excellent interpersonal communication with individuals in the company. The team was cooperative, the opinion and suggestions made by any member was considered before taking any operational action. The simulation was therefore so productive as my group, Fantastic four, was able to gather enough field experience, apply theoretical knowledge of operation management and also build on our career.