Operation Iraqi Freedom Essay

The relationship between the United States and Iraq has been a instead complicated relationship. This relationship can be classified as a roller coaster drive that last through out history.

The United States and Iraq relationship became bouldery in 1958 when King Faisal was overthrown and Iraq signed with the Soviet Union. Because of the relationship that the United States had with the Soviet Union this made Iraq and the United States relationship a small questionable. In 1967 Iraq broke all ties with the United States when they decided to fall in ranks in the protest of the United States and Israeli strategic confederation. This determination that the Iraqi made one time a state we were Alliess to a state we do non swear but we will cover with. a state that became a waiter menace to the United States.However.

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when Iraq needed us to assist them stand against Iran. the United States was at that place. Regardless of how fly-by-night the relationship was with Iraq. the United States saw Iran to be more of a menace so Iraq.

Prior to this the United States had removed Iraq from the State Department list of province that patrons terrorist act. The United States did all this in hope of a closer relationship with Baghdad. Iraq. This measure the United States made to acquire closer to Baghdad is what opened the door for the United States to hold entree to Iraq. By November 1984. the relationship between the United States and Iraq had been at full diplomatic.

Acerate leaf to state. the United States did non full trust Iraq but did non see them as a serious menace. Iraq continuously showed the United States that they could non be trust by perpetrating assorted Acts of the Apostless against the United States in a manner that seemed to be unobtrusive. On March 17. 1987. the Iraqi’s seem to hold by chance hit a United States ship.

misidentifying it for the USS Shark. this “mistaken” identify caused the similar of 39 American crewmans. As if that was non plenty. in June 1982 the blackwash of the Israel’s embassador to the United Kingdom. Shlomo Argov. was nexus to Iraq.The United States. although in what seemed to be a peaceable relationship with Iraq.

still believed Iraq to be a patron of terrorist act. The United Stated did take Iraq from the list. nevertheless it was non needfully done because of belief that Iraq was non patronizing terrorist but it was done in the exchanged for ejection of Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal. The United States did non doubt that Baghdad was patronizing terrorist. and the United States was wholly right in their thought. In 1985. Iraq shelter terrorist that was involved in the highjacking of the Achjille Lauro sail ship and the slaying of the wheelchair-bound United States citizen Leon Klinghoffer. Besides two terrorist that had planned an onslaught was held in Rome on their manner to the United States.

Yet still the United States did non see Saddam Hussein and his government as a serious menace.Prior to Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Iraq had destroyed the Iranians in April-July 1988 and the United State rapidly disengages with Iraq. The overthrow of Iran brought power to Saddam Hussein and his government that was non at that place prior to the Iran-Iraq war. During the war Kuwait allow Iraq to borrow 17 billion dollars.

but alternatively of Saddam Hussein paying it back like Iraq agreed to. he make up one’s mind to state Kuwait to compensate it of because they owned Iraq for protecting them from Iran. Iraq since 1961.

when the British ended it’s associated state in Kuwait. it was so that the Iraqi authorities claimed Kuwait was an “integral portion of Iraq” ( 6 ) . If it was non for Britain. Saddam Hussein would hold taken over Kuwait in July 1961.

so Iraq has had the thought of commanding Kuwait for discontinue some clip. therefore the thought of Kuwait being in debt to Iraq for protecting “Kuwait” was merely a manner that Saddam Hussein was utilizing to do Kuwait to give up to him.The United States was ready for the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. so ready that the armed forces was playing war games to develop for it and in the center of developing the United States started to see the Armed Forces war games play out in existent life. On August 2. 1990 Iraq started to do their move to assail Kuwait.

Iraq’s war program was to kill the royal household or Kuwait. in so they attacked reclaim royal castles and the Dasman Places. On that same twenty-four hours by eight o’clock that forenoon Iraq had wholly invaded Kuwait City. nevertheless the Kuwait royal household was able to get away due to the Emiri Guard detaining actions.This invasion on Kuwait allowed Saddam Hussein to hold control or five per centum of the world’s production and 19. 6 per centum of proved planetary militias ( 10 ) . As a consequence of this onslaught and take over of Kuwait. Iraq was in serious challenge to the 1980 Carter Doctrine that said.

“any effort by any outside force to derive control of the Persian Gulf part will be regarded as an assault on the critical involvements of the United States of America. And such an assault will be repelled by any agencies necessary. including military force” ( 10 ) . The Kuwait onslaught is the ground that the relationship between Iraq and the United States went bad. clearly the relationship was unstable from the beginning. and Saddam Hussein had proven clip and clip once more that he could non be trusted so no 1 wanted to swear him with so much control over the world’s oil. This invasion of Iraq on Kuwait was the start of the edifice of Operation Desert Shield.

Operation Desert Shield officially started on August 7th 1990 when United State aircraft started to get in the Gulf. The mission of the United States was to travel in a liberate Kuwait. and their program in making so was to assail the Iraqi Army along the lodgers of Kuwait and Iraq. In this onslaught it would intentionally maintain the force per unit area up all through the dark leting the United Stated to by clip on the “Time-on-Target” ( 14 ) . Operation D3esert Shield was known as D-Day. This program where complete on August 20th. and some of the other programs were for United States aircraft devising and “hard initial thrust” against the Iraqi forces for the first seven hours the invasion. Besides the programs that the United States had was to proviso for land-based aircraft to relocate while the aircraft bearers USS Eisenhower and Independence ( 14 ) .

Operation Desert Shield lasted until October leting all the aircraft to take their topographic points and acquire ready for the start of Operation Desert Storm.Operation Desert Storm began January 17th. 1991. with the same mission to travel in and put Kuwait free. for their royal household was working as keepers of Islam’s holist shrines. Makkah and Medina. The first arm that was launch in Operation Desert Storm the TLAM that came from the Red Sea headed towards Baghdad.

However it was non the first to hit anything. the Hellfire missile was the first to do an impact doing a spread in the Iraqi’s surveillance radio detection and ranging and the lodgers of Saudi Arabia. It besides had many more successful hits. Operation Desert Storm lasted 43 yearss before the United States.February 7th. 1991. the United States was jointed by Joint Special Operation Task Force with the British.

The DIA claim that merely sixty Scuds was destroyed and most appeared to be 1s of commercial articulate. On the 30th of January there were a figure of Jordanian trucks that was hit and destroyed. The Unite States has did non claim indirect harm until 1992 ( 67 ) .

During Operation Desert Storm on January 30. There was major indirect harm when the United States tried to hit Tigris Bridge and by error hit the Iraq Central Bank. Thingss may look to hold gone perfect but a batch of the outside. but the United States there were a batch errors that was made.On February 25th 1990 this was the twenty-four hours the land war took topographic point.

this twenty-four hours is known as G-Day. The twenty-four hours before. February 24th.

the marine forces and two Islamic corps began diversionary onslaughts into the Saddam Line. The XVIII Corps launched a deep push towards Highway eight. and by the terminal of the twenty-four hours Marine and Islamic forces had breached the Saddam Line and air nomadic Eighteen Corps forces had established frontward runing base. known to this twenty-four hours as FOB. Cobra more so 280 kilometres inside the Iraqi lodgers. This was known an Operation Desert Saber. During the land war there were stairss taken to guarantee that the possibility of fratricide would be lower.

The first measure was related specifically to friendly fir between land units. In order to make this GPS equipped units had to guarantee that they were right aligned with their unit boundaries and were non traveling or hiting over those boundaries.Second. Coalition units sacrificed cherished seconds to guarantee positive designation of marks.

sometimes hesitating six to ten seconds to be certain it was the Iraqi’s or leting them to acquire near plenty to acquire a clear ocular placing it was the Iraqi’s ( 105 ) . On February 1991. Kuwait was wholly set free. and although Operation Desert Storm merely last a short clip.

the struggle with Iraq had ne’er can to an terminal. Many things went on between the United States and discontinue fire that take topographic point on March 3. Saddam Hussein he was truly upset with the United States for innerving with his effort to take over Kuwait. He was upset that the United States came in a liberated Kuwait from the Iraqi’s. This deliverance mission was non merely about free Kuwait but it was besides approximately.

taking away the power Saddam Hussein had gained room to take over in Iraq No 1 wanted to see a adult male who had proven excessively many states clip and clip once more that he is a adult male that can non be trusted at all.The clip after Operational Desert Storm until the Operation Iraqi Freedom. was non a peaceable journey for the United States. Because of Saddam Hussein’s angry with the United States ; the United States has suffered many onslaughts from Iraq. After the war the United States came in control of the air space over the lodger of Saudi Arabia. This country was continually attacked by Saddam Hussein in this country. In September 1990.

United States Air Force Brig. Gen. Bustert Glosson remains in the Saudi Arabia country to take bid of the Special Planning Group that had developed a new integrating of Instant Thunder which is now known as Offensive Campaign-Phase One. The mission of Instant Thunder Phase One was to cut down the strength of Iraqi’s divergences and there should be no recreation of air work stoppages against fielded armed force.The Saddam Hussein government.

the Baathist. the 1 that would give the most problem was after Operation Desert Storm in March 1990 went from it survival tactics to going a immune government. From July 23. 1992. the Iraqi’s began to establish air onslaughts and continued to increase between the months of April and August. showcasing Saddam Hussein’s freedom of action. It was during this clip that the United States. Bush distraction formed the “no-fly zone” Every since both of the no-fly zone in both the North.

formed April 1991 and the South. formed in August 1992. was formed Saddam Hussein chief end had been to hit down a United States aircraft utilizing a mix of aerial and SAM forces ( 131 ) .During this clip Saddam Hussein was constructing his forces and he began to wing his aircraft in the no-fly zone. on January 6.

1993 Present Bush gave Iraq 48 hours to take at that place aircrafts from the no-fly zone. Iraq to endorse off and removed their Surface-to-air missile from the country. However Saddam sent unarmed work forces into the United Nations’ zone to retrieve an aircraft that was lost in Desert Storm. The HY-2 Silkworm was no longer theirs it was suppose to travel to Kuwait. this breach into the zone that separated Iraq from Kuwait is was started the first war between Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The first onslaught on Iraq since Operation Desert Storm was Operation Provide Comfort.

One of the errors of Operation Provide Comfort is it was unsuccessful because the United States decided to assail anyhow with out being able to visional see the mark. On January 11th and 12th the conditions was bad and they were unable to see but because they were running out of clip. the United States attacked anyhow on January 12th. Once the United States was able to see what marks was hit. they rapidly learned that it was a bad mission. out of the 33 marks merely 16 had been hit.On August 31st. an Iraqi armored spearhead push northerly into the Green Lines and this action cause one time once more another onslaught on Iraq.

Operation Desert Strike. From this point at that place have been infinite onslaughts on Iraq due to Saddam Hussein’s many efforts to destruct the United States. Saddam Hussein has attack many of the United States’ U-2’s that were guarding the no-fly zone that he continually violated. Operation Desert Thunder I. II. and IV was all organized because Iraq kept go againsting the no-fly zone regulations.However Saddam Hussein had a stagey known as “cheat and retreat. ” By this clip the UN had set up reviews throughout Iraq in hunt of Weapons of Mass Destruction ( WMD ) On many juncture Saddam Hussein would deny the inspectors entree to certain topographic points so when the United States were approximately to take action Saddam Hussein would withdraw and endorse down.

Saddam Hussein had used the darnel and retreat tactic so much that eventually the Clinton disposal took action and Operation Desert Fox took topographic point.Because of so many times that Iraq would endorse down one time the United States had spent money to deploy military personnels. the United States decided to do Operation Desert Fox a surprise by non deploying any more military personnels in the country merely utilizing the military personnels that was already in theatre. This Operation started on December 18-19 as a successful mission ; nevertheless things did non travel wholly good because the United States received the incorrect information about the where about of Saddam Hussein and his household. The United States was told that Saddam and his household would be at one of his wife’s topographic points. Dora. but it was empty and had been for sometime.There were many other events that lead up to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

but what push the bound for the United States was the events that took topographic point on September 11. 2001 at 0730 Baghdad clip a Predator was lost while winging a reconnaissance mission. doing it the 2nd to be lost in a few hebdomads clip the first was shoot down. Besides on this twenty-four hours nine hours subsequently the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. The U. S.

had sufficiency of Iraq. all the problem they have had with Iraq. the hit of the tower. on the U. S. dirt was a aftermath up call.

So on March 21 Operation Iraqi Freedom began.After Operation Iraqi Freedom. the relationship between the U. S. and Iraq seems to be at better standing and one time once more with the destroying of Saddam’s government and the gaining control and executing of Saddam Iraq seems to be on good footings with the United States and now seems to be working for the same end.


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