Only Two Percent of Women Describe Themselves as Beautiful Essay

Only Two Percent of Women Describe Themselves As Beautiful In the world today, it is very difficult for a girl or woman to consider themselves beautiful. This is caused by multiple reasons.

Society today has a very different definition of beauty than woman want to believe. Women do not believe that they are beautiful. Dove did a global study that uncovered a desire for a new and more broad definition of beauty. “The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report makes it clear that it is time to life the quota system on images of beauty” said Dr.Nancy Etcoff. “This study uncovers that beauty is never going away and has enormous power.

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Beauty should not be reduced to a political or cultural problem but understood as a basic human pleasure. ” In this report, it is shown how women view beauty. In the study 40 percent strongly agreed that they did not feel comfortable calling themselves beautiful. This is a very sad statement. These very low statistics show that media is having a very harsh impact on the way women feel about themselves.Five percent felt comfortable describing themself as pretty and nine percent felt comfortable calling themselves attractive. As a young girl growing up, you compare yourselves to others around you based off of looks. When you’re looking for guidance, most of the times media is a key role.

This Global Report showed how mass media plays an important role by giving a narrow and specific definition of beauty. In the study it showed that more than two-thirds, 68%, of women agree, “the media and advertising sets an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can’t ever achieve. This is very true. When looking at media, perfect skin, flawless makeup, and tiny waists bombard you. This is a result of Photoshop and is unnatural.

This study asked women about social issues that come from mass media and popular culture. More than half of all women agree that beauty has become very narrowly defined in todays world. The mass media powerfully communicates the traditional definition of beauty. A statistic said that 75 percent said that they wish the media did a better job at showing woman of “diverse physical attractiveness, age, shape, and size”.Women believe that the “beauty” media shows is one-dimensional and narrow minded. While the media shows an unrealistic view on outwards appearance, what isn’t the media showing us…inward beauty? A Global Report showed that women recognize beauty as something more than physical.

They believe it is portrayed as character, passion and presence. As time goes by, women are starting to believe that the media isn’t showing a true definition of beauty. Women said that important components of beauty include happiness, confidence, dignity and humor.While women still believe that beauty is shown on the outside, 77 percent strongly agree that it can be achieved in attitude, spirit and other things that don’t include physical appearance. As time goes on, beauty will become more and more important to the media.

Even if women believe they aren’t physically attractive, everyone is beautiful in their own way. They could be smart, funny, happy, confident or wise. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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