Online Shopping Essay

At present more and more people make a purchase online, so online shopping is indispensable to our life and there are a lot of benefits for owners of online stores and buyer.

It has become a fundamental feature in the information age. The network security of online shopping is very important. Therefore, in the world there are many shopping sites on the internet such as eBay from America, Marktplaats from the Netherlands and Taobao from China. These sites can protect the interests of sellers and buyers. They charge a small registration fee for sellers and the registration fee of buyers is free.Now plenty of frauds exist on the internet. For better protect money and credit card numbers of sellers and buyers, many shopping site work together with PayPal.

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Now the margin of network security is ninety-nine point nine percent. To start a store is always very difficult, but now everything has become simply because of shopping sites. Every seller does not expect to pay too many costs, but the rent cost of a store is very expensive. How to reduce the expenses? The answer is that the sellers can open an online store because the monthly rent of an online store is very cheap, just fifteen euros to three hundred euros.

In shopping sites the customers are from different countries, so the market of online stores is bigger than a local store. Net profits of some owners of online stores can be more than million dollars. Why would more people prefer to buy something online? First the buyers can save money because the price of online store is cheaper than a local store. In China the price difference can be more than one hundred euros. Second online stores renew very fast.

Now a lot of clothing brands have own online store, so buyers can gain the last new of brands at first time. Third buyer can save their time.In current society everybody is very busy.

Sometimes we do not have enough time to shop, but through online stores only thirty minutes we can deal with an order. Forth the online stores are very convenient. In China buyers can also order foods.

Within three hours the sellers can hand the order to them. Therefore, many people like shopping online. Online shopping grows very fast because it is very cheap, very convenient and high network security. Sellers have also actively developed to cater for the needs of different customers. The world of online shopping will become more and more important in our life.


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