Online Reservation Problem For Swinton Hotel Management Computer Science Essay

The purpose of this undertaking is to construct a comprehensive tool E-reservation system for Swinton Hotel Management. “ Swinton ” Hotel provides all installations like, progress engagement room installations, Better Food quality and besides direction believes to show good client services. Management does non hold proper reserve system and deficiency of informations direction system. In add-on, they do n’t hold any beforehand E- reserve system for tourer. The administration needs to take farther measure to implement its concern by develop a web site. The jutting system will be more flexible to utilize for tourer and Faster for staff to pull off all information.

Presently, the bing system is based on paper work, manual checking and usage of Microsoft Excel Data sheet. Apart from this, progress reserve does by telephone. Due to which the staff faces tonss of jobs and besides really clip devouring for tourer to reserve room in progress.A new web based application is developed to supply reserve solution to the direction. The application comes out in signifier of an Information Management Tools, like, ASP.NET.

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And database will manage through Microsoft Access. So, with construct up a new system will helpful for tourer to reserve room and it ‘ll beneficial for staff to pull off informations. After all, new web based system will be benefited to direction.


Executive Summary 02

1. Introduction 04

2. Problem Identification 05

2.1 Current System Specification 05


2 Consequence for Issues 07

3. Proposed System 08

3.1 System Architecture Specification 10


2 Technology Used 11

3.3 System Requirement Specification 12

3.4 Cost of System 13

3.5 Impact of the Proposed Changes 14

4. Change Management 15


Decision and Future sweetenings 15

6. Mentions 16

7.0 Diagram 17

1. Introduction:

Now in present clip, web-platform becomes necessary for all sector of concern to acquire more success. Particularly, in Banking, Hotel, and many other educational and developing organisation it becomes basic demands for concern to hold web-platform. In hotel Industry through website tourer can reserve room in progress. And besides able to acquire other information of the hotel which will be utile for them. “ Inactive or dynamic web site is utile for the organisation ‘s growing.

” The jutting Hotel Reservation System brings the chief demands of the Swinton Hotel Management. In add-on, reserve system classifies a manner to pull off the database of the tourer ( Customers ) . And cut down paper and manual work system. Furthermore, concern point of position, it is clip and cost effectivity which is critical assets for the organisation.In add-on, Swinton Hotel Management has really simple and complicate reserve system. The organisation has faced many issues with current System.

First, the current system is running on Microsoft Excel datasheet. Second, direction requires allocate one staff for manual room cheque. Last but non least, it is really hard to pull off holiday clip for staff agenda. And in conclusion, it ‘s really complicate procedure for tourer to reserve room in progress. So, direction has been confronting these major issues with reserve system.Furthermore, the intent of develop web site for Swinton hotel to better in client service. Customer can easy pass on with Hotel Staff and can shop all latest information about Hotel for progress room reserve. Apart from this, it will be highly utile for staff to pull off client database.

For case, no clip devouring procedure for room checking handiness. , easy to entree client inside informations. And besides it ‘ll really simple to manage bill of client. Invoice handling is more of import for direction to cognize about existent net income of concern. In add-on, history section besides able to acquire net income and loss history.

2.0 Problem Designation

In Hotel Industry a reserve system must be really accurate and really user friendly. So, client or tourer can entree all information which they want to shop.

In this are of concern, web site should be in proper manner which can helpful for clients and besides for Hotel section. However, “ Swinton Hotel Management ” has really simple phase of reserve system for progress room engagement or acquire any information about hotel. Inaddtion, A direction is confronting many issues with this present system. Here, we are traveling to show what are the major issues in present system?

2.1 Current System Specification

First of wholly, we collect all information about Current system through interview with director and staff members.

Manual Data Sheet

Screenshot of Excel Database

A direction of “ Swinton Hotel ” is utilizing simple this format database for client. First of wholly, it ‘s really hard to alone designation of client.

Means that, non apportion any installation which can place user alone information. For case, if same name clients come so it ‘s really hard to place. Second, Staff does manual entry for tourer which is really hard to pull off during the peak clip or holiday clip periods. Last but non least, it ‘s really complicate for other staff members to understand this system. Merely one staff member is able to manage this complicated system.So, for future point of position it ‘ll be hard for direction.

Telephone Reservation

Change Telephone

Reservation system in this Hotel done by Telephone which is one of the major issues with direction. Customer can acquire room information through telephonic it is clip devouring. First of wholly, a manual room checker will look into room whether room available or non? And passed information to the call receiving system. Furthermore, other disadvantage of telephonic reserve that ‘s, cost of call. Because, sometime it ‘s really expensive to do call. So, in this state of affairs it ‘s really expensive to reserve a room via telephone through current reserve system.

Manual Room Checking

In present system, to entree room information demand to apportion one staff for look intoing all information about available room in hotel for traveler.

This is really cost and clip devouring procedure for staff and client. Particularly, during the peak clip it ‘s really hard to entree all information about available room for client. In add-on, for direction point of position it ‘s really expensive to apportion particular one individual for cheque. They can non apportion for other work. So, this is one of the issues in this current system.

Lack Of Customer Communication

Current System of Swinton hotel, Staff non able to pass on with client. Customer needs to present self every clip for entree any information about hotel. The Current system is done by manual entry.

So, staffs demands to follow that procedure and they are non able to replying in proper and right manner. And merely one staff allocate for excel informations sheet, for telephonic reserve and besides for having call. So, it ‘s truly hard to manage all undertakings at a same clip. And which can make negative impact on client head for Hotel.

No Registration system for Customer

In this Current System, traveler demands to demo ain designation every clip.

It ‘s complicated and clip consuming. Apart from this, client has to go through reserve procedure. And every clip demand to experience a signifier and give it back to staff. So, during the holiday clip period it ‘s hard. And it influences on client service.

No Customer Database

In this present System, a direction has faced job with client database.

Because, presently all client informations saved in Excel informations entry sheet. It ‘s really clip hard to manage all informations. So, direction maintain merely one hebdomad datasheet. So, no any security for hotel point of position.

2.2 Consequences for Issues

Management of “ Swinton Hotel ” has faced all these major issue with current system. There are many effects for raising these jobs for direction. First, deficiency of direction.

as we seen that direction has faced many issues with current system. But, direction does n’t believe about to construct up a new system for Hotel. Second, untrained staff.

This is one of the large effects for all. Merely one staff handles excessively many undertakings which is really hard. And non apportion other staff for this function.

This shows untrained staff. Finally, construction of direction is non in proper and right ways is besides one the chief cause for failure in concern.

3.0 Proposed System

Presents, tourer concern has gained highly top degree. In add-on, in this country of concern, in this present clip web-platform modifies a construction of concern for of all time. For case, Travelodge. Even more, with aid of IT tools truly change the manner of the concern of hotel. “ Hotel reserve has started through web-platform.

In this present clip, most hotels worldwide use on-line Hotel ‘s very convenient for traveler to book hotel room. ” Here, we are traveling to develop a new web system for “ Swinton Hotel Management. ”

3.1 System Architecture Specification

The jutting system is fundamentally based on web-platform. And the chief architecture of the web-platform three grades.ClientApplication ServerDatabase ServerThe chief purpose of utilizing three tier architecture for the system to better execute faster and besides can easy fetched information from database which is one of major advantage for usage of three tier architecture.

In add-on, new system can pull off big database every bit good. This will work out a Customer Database job for current system. “ Faster responses make the user more user- friendly and comfy to work with the system ”In add-on, critical advantage for usage of 3 tier architecture is more secure for personal informations.ClientAPPLICATION SERVERDATABASE SERVERRequestAnswerCommandConsequence

Fig 1. Three Tier Architecture


2 Technology Used

Operating System — — — — — — — & gt ; Windows XPFront End — — — — — — — — — — — — & gt ; ASP.NET ( hundred # )Data Base — — — — — — — — — — — — — & gt ; Microsoft AccessDesign Platform — — — — — — — — — — & gt ; HTML, PhotoShop

Front-End Platform ASP.NET

ASP.NET is the following version of ASP model to construct up a model consists of many category libraries, maps, and common executing platform. We can make ASP.NET applications utilizing any of the constitutional any linguistic communications.

Web-application is easier and faster compared to other engineerings. With usage of ASP.NET clients gets the faster response which is one of the major advantages to utilize this platform for physique an application.

In add-on, ASP.NET is wholly server side engineering.

ASP.NET advantages cut down the sum of codification for physique an application.It is really easy to keep with server side programme theoretical account.

This platform pages are really simple to compose and keep.Very easy to plan any page for application.“ ASP.

NET makes for easy deployment. There is no demand to register constituents. ”ASP.NET applications run quicker in big volumes of informations without any job.“ ASP.

NET proof controls entered by user without any cryptography. ” .So, for security point of position it ‘s more unafraid comparison to other engineering.( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Data base Connectivity:

ASP.NET can configured with any Database. In the jutting system, Microsoft Access database has been used.

There are many benefits for utilizing this platform as a back- terminal. “ ASP.NET platform has broad scope of informations entree options. These include support for the generic category library informations entree categories. ODBC, OleDb, dbExpress driver. ADO.

NET is the part of the ASP.NET foundation category library that applies to data entree, storage and use. ”( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

3.3 System Requirement Specifications:

R1: Login Form

Input signal: Traveller ‘s Username and watchwordEnd product: Traveller ‘s DetailssDescription: Once Traveller registered in web site. Then they are able to entree all information about “ SWINTON Hotel ” .

And they can reserve room, Extra installations, inside informations information about rent etc through entree reserve signifier.

R2: Registration Form

Input signal: Traveler ‘s DetailssEnd product: Allocate Username and PasswordDescription: Traveler needs to make full out the signifier for entree any information and modesty any room. Through this signifier alone username and watchword will apportion to tourist. So, following clip traveler demand to come in username and watchword in login signifier. And they can entree any information. In add-on, through this signifier a direction can pull off their client ‘s records.

R3: Staff Login:

Input signal: Staff Username and PasswordEnd product: Administrator ‘s Home pageDescription: The chief intent of this signifier to develop an interface for any staff to look at the Traveller ‘s Details. With Staff username and Password can entree their several home page where they can shop the traveler ‘s inside informations.

R4: Reservation Form:

Input signal: Choice Room figure and TypeEnd product: Current Status, Rent, FacilitiesDescription: when traveler enters successfully through login signifier so they can reserve any room, can entree rate information, installations inside informations etc.

R5 Invoice Form ( merely for Staff entree )

Input signal: Room No.End product: BillDescription: This signifier presents all information about user. Which installations they have used, clip periods, Room Type etc. and shows entire bill sum for user.

3.4 Cost of System

How much does a web site cost? Basically, there are chief two separate cost elements. First is cost that covered the enrollment of sphere name and Internet infinite for hosting the site. In add-on, “ 2nd component is creative activity of web site.

There may besides be some on traveling care costs depending on how frequently you require alterations to be made to the site when it is complete. ”First of all, direction of the SWINTON hotel will non pay any sum for system up to three twelvemonth. Because, the organisation has done large trade with some outsourcing little IT company. So, for sphere name, infinite and any other specification IT company will responsible.

However, if the direction of SWINTON HOTEL needs to pay some sum after three twelvemonth. This will be merely ?30 every twelvemonth. In add-on, direction of hotel is non giving any cost for developing a new system to work out job of the old system.Furthermore, direction has benefits at initial phase in this web platform. If in future any job will make sing system so IT company will responsible up to three twelvemonth. So, for direction point of position it is major advantage.[ hypertext transfer protocol: //

com/ ? ci=13335 ][ hypertext transfer protocol: //

uk/website_cost.htm ]

3.5 Impact of the Proposed Changes

The intent of the new system is to supply better services to traveller, so they can able to entree of import inside informations and besides reserve Hotel room through web site.

In add-on, developers of this system seek to construct a user friendly web platform. And the new system will be easier for staff to keep traveler informations. Furthermore, a tourer can shop information from any where and any clip.

“ The major advantage of this system is the able to maintain all information about traveler, staff information, and care of database sporadically. ”

Client Functionalities

Traveler can acquire all information about SWINTON Hotel.Once traveler is registered in website so to hold ain username and watchword.

Traveller able to entree of import inside informations any clip. And besides look into its position.Traveller besides able to entree other installations which provided by hotel.

Admin Functionalities

The chief purpose for develop this system is to supply better service to travellers of the hotel. In add-on, for direction point of position, to supply easy system to keep tourist database. As the chief end of this system is to cut down manual, paper work and clip of the administrative section. So, it will convey more efficiency in work and client service.Furthermore, through aid of this system staff can able to entree all information about travellers.

4.0 Change Management

Harmonizing to imperativeness release Dec. 03 2009, “ A hotel web site will assist to direction encouragement in worldwide. A hotel web site will merely give tonss of advantages towards advancing hotel more in this competition epoch. ”The direction of SWINTON hotel will necessitate to put on web based platform for success in Hotel industry. In add-on, direction of the hotel besides needs to concentrate on database care for tourer.

The database of the system will increase more. Because as the new travellers come for reserve room and other installations. So, for direction point of position it is really critical portion in system.Furthermore, if new system will success in future so a direction needs to believe about farther execution of the system.Finally, the proposed system “ Hotel Reservation system ” is developed on proper manner. Particularly for user it is really easy to entree this web site. However, I can urge that for future point of position need to necessitate some more execution of the system.

5 Conclusion and future sweetenings:

In this present epoch web platform is necessary for success in concern. Particularly, for hotel industry. So, new system will helpful for SWINTON HOTEL direction. Through proposed system clip can be saved, more truth, security and cut down manual work which is one of the major advantages of this system. Last but non least, the direction is non paying any sum for develop a new system.For client ‘s point of position, it is more flexible to entree information about hotel.

And for staff ‘s point of position, it is really easy to keep database for travelers.

Future Enhancements:

Invoice studyAuto e-malling systemTrack Traveller ‘s informations


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