Online Chatting Essay

Online chatting has become increasingly popular.

Individuals are no longer hindered from communicating with each other due to physical barriers such as distance , borders or sea. The most common place for people to chat is in chat rooms. Many people , especially youngsters , use ‘messenger’ services like ‘Facebook Messenger’ and the newest is ‘Whatsapp Messenger’ to chat. However , there are advantages and disadvantages of online chatting.Firstly , the lack of physical and face-to-face contact makes people more confident and open when chatting. Chatters remain anonymous , identified only by pseudonyms or nicknames. The lack of identity makes for a guessing game. Anonymity can also spice up communications , as chatters get caught up in the thrills and excitement of the guessing game.

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In addition , chatting with others in terms of studies helps students to understand different points of view and leads to abetter understanding of what is available in terms of online resources.Meeting with individuals from different towns , cultures , and countries on the Internet and yhe exchanging ideas and thoughts can widen a chatter’s horizon. Similarly , chatting to people abroad gives a wider appreciation of global’s events and deeper understanding of the impact of local and international decision making. From chatting with our Internet acquaintances, our storehpuse of knowledge of other cultures and countries will improve. On the other hand , online chatting can lead to frightening consequences.Young people make friends easily and are often willing to give out personal details like their e-mail address , home address and phone numbers. This might lead to dangerous encounters. There are reports of girls being cheated and even raped by men they have met online.

The kind of language used may also be a problem. Children may be exposed to inappropriate language and ideas from ecplicit sexual talk in chat boxes. Whether online chatting can be benificial depends on the chatters themselves.If they are sincere and just want to exchange views and information with the people they meet online without ulterior motives , this channel of communication can be healthy and will benefit both sides. Experts recommend that chatters keep online friendships in the virtual world.

Meeting online friends face-to-face carries more risks than other types of meetings because it is easy for people to pretend to be somebody they are not when you cannot see them or talk to them in person. So , ‘let no man deceive you with vain words’ in the faceless virtual world.


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