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One of the financial benefits that the Joinery Manager will make training courses for the workers to be a team or a cell, but non-financial may delay them from completing work on time and this will cost them to work overtime on weekends or weekends and this may lead to the consumption Equipment and Machinery more.In the second stage Dean should sell his idea to the workers and joinery Managers Because his idea may speed up the production process, especially after a lot of demand, they will also be more competitive in terms of price and time of delivery.Dean’s idea may help them to arrange their operations faster and less effortlessly because they work as a cell and this will increase the efficiency of production well and at the time specific and high-quality will help them to prioritize work rather than accumulate them, also may be enriched by the pressure of production on equipment.I think Dean’s idea of uniforming work is a very good idea, because the uniform wear makes you carry your business identity in a way that is clear to everyone, uniform wear will ensure task discipline among cell members and distinguishes employees from customers and consumers, It also gives a good impression for visitors, the work environment also enhances the way they communicate and distinguishes each cell members from the other in performing its functions better and faster.- Absence of an organizational plan at work.- Lack of regulations, administrative laws; governing the nature of work, and the tasks of employees.- Direct intervention by the administration on staff, which frustrates them, and reduces the space granted to them during work.- Lack of harmony among employees.- Poor control of work, which leads to the inaction of some in the performance of their work, and the accumulation of errors, and thus poor overall productivity.- Lack of material resources, resources and tools for action.


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