One something really simple like Melvin Bracelet

One of the questions that every guy need to know most, is that how do I dress well on a budget because not everyone has the money to go spend on high-end luxury brands right.

  For style and fashion all you have to do is follow a few tips to make sure that you can pull off wearing casual outfits.1. Jeans and T-shirtsSo let’s get started here with the very basics t-shirt and jeans. What we try to do here is find an easy outfit that you can wear every single day but at the same time will make you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Every guy wears jeans and t-shirts, because jeans and t-shirts are the definitions of casual clothing. 2.

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BootsBut there are a few simple steps that you can take to make this outfit a lot better than it currently is, for example, try to wear shoes that stand out. If there’s nothing special about the t-shirt and the jeans that you’re wearing which is usually the case because it’s just the t-shirt and jeans, then get some shoes that will grab people’s attention and add some flavor to your outfit. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, it doesn’t have to be anything super colorful but I’d say go for something a little different like the easier from New Republic, wearing cool Chelsea boots is another way of upgrading your t-shirt in jeans game.So if you’ve been wanting to get chelsea boots this might be the time to pull the trigger.

 3. AccesooriesAgain there is nothing wrong with wearing plain shoes or sneakers here but if you want to spice things up a little bit and if you want to be a little different then definitely go with something more eye-catching, adding accessories to your outfit is another easy and affordable way to change the t-shirt and jeans. You can go for something really simple like  Melvin Bracelet or get a watch if you feel like you want something that will stand out a little more stylish and fashionable.And basically for mens fashion and style, what we’re doing here is adding more dimensions to the outfit to make it more interesting right sunglasses are a great example as well they add style, personality in a little bit of interesting mystery to the mix.So try sun glasses which suits you.Something you guys have probably noticed at this point that rolling up the sleeves of t-shirts just a little bit, really looks amazing and stylish these days.  You basically do this when you’re trying to go for a more fitted look or when you feel like that mine outfit is just a little too simple and it needs a quick upgrade then you must do it because it doesn’t cost anything. You can do it to almost any t-shirt and occasion.

It makes the t-shirt look pretty damn cool.Now outside of the actual clothes you’re wearing there are two main things that will completely change the way you look wearing a casual outfit first being in shape because the reality is for clothes to fit you really well you need to be in decent shape and I don’t mean you need to be a body builder or an athlete. Just good enough shape so that you can fit into a form-fitting t-shirt and jeans and feel confident in the way that you look not only that but being in good shape will also change your posture which will definitely completely change the way that you look in clothes.Remember that what you eat plays the biggest role in this, so if you haven’t started yet just take note of your diet what are you eating every day should you change your diet slightly to change the way that you look and the way that you fit into clothes and of course try to be active. Play sports if you’re into them or go to the gym and exercise to get into shape. It makes you feel healthier and it helps your case when you try on new clothes, it just makes you feel way more confident in the way that you look.

Know how to be fit, read it – Tips for being FitAnd the second thing that will change the way you look is your grooming routine. You should always trim or shave your beard just to make sure that it’s contained and it’s not growing all wild. And if you have a long beard that’s totally fine. If you think it looks good on you if you like it totally fine, just get some beard oil you know moisturize it takes good care of it and trim it once in a while to keep it nice and neat get a haircut so you don’t look disheveled because if your hair is crazy it’s gonna make it that much harder to pull off a basic outfit because that’s all people are going to see .If you want to learn more about grooming and men’s hairstyle didn’t you should definitely check out my other articles where you know more in-depth about each of those.Remember guys what we’re trying to accomplish here is an easy outfit that you can wear every day but at the same time will make you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.


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