Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary One despite there being more. In accordance

One despite there being more. In accordance

One of the most prominent symbols in Christianity is the number three. It is shown in the bible and other religious texts repeatedly. One of the most well known forms of this symbol is the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus Christ is crucified to forgive the sins of humankind, two other men are crucified with him. This makes another significant group of three. Furthermore, Jesus Christ is resurrected 3 days after his death. These examples only show a few prominent occurrences of this value, despite there being more. In accordance with religious symbols and occurrences, the number three shows up in many places in The Metamorphosis. For example, The room that Gregor spends all his time in has three doors, he has three other members within his family, and he has three tenants who come to stay with the family. Furthermore, Gregor leaves his room only three times during the story, once during each of the three chapters. One of the most significant occurrences of the number three in the story are the three emotional stages to Gregor’s transformation, with one presenting itself in each chapter. The first stage is that of denial. When Gregor wakes up to find that he has transformed, he both doubts and denies that this change will affect his life. He believes he can go do his work and interact with his family as he regularly does. The second stage of his emotional transformation is acceptance. Gregor realizes that he is an insect and will remain so. Because of this, he begins acting more like an insect than a human being. Gregor is almost content in his dark bedroom, and later finds that he likes doing insect things, such as climbing the walls and hiding under furniture. The final stage of the emotional transformation is mental decline, which ends in Gregor’s death. In the last chapter, Gregor stops eating and eventually starves to death. These stages that Gregor goes through, representing his emotional transformation,  represent and relate to the prominence of the number three in Christianity. They go so far as to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Just as three different deities are linked together, Gregor’s three different stages of his personality at various stages of his transformation, or metamorphosis are linked together as well.