One Big Happy Family Essay

Basically, there are over 6 billion people, 20 major religions, and 5 human races in the world. Similarly, most people don’t know what diversity is, why is it important? And how often do we see it? American holds more immigrants than any other country! Due to our rich heritage, know as a “melting pot”.

As U. S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said “ America is a nation of nations, made up of people from every land, of every race and practicing every faith.Our diversity is not a source of weakness it’s a source of strength, it’s a source of our success. ” Concluding this further, Generally speaking, diversity means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.

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Diversity is a variety of the dimensions of race, ethnicity, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and many other ideologies. In addition to, we need diversity to keep society interesting.Not everyone in this world is the same, and different people from the different back rounds bring new ideas to the table of life. Diversity is the spread among our daily lives; the lesson of diversity shoes up in school, work, where we travel, and so on. For example, picture the time period where all American meals consisted of meat-and-potatoes. Now anticipate what you eat today, or what you could.

First, the lack of diversity in our lives, I believe would deprave Americans from the foreign countries.Second, leaving us out from other sides of the matter, causing us to be discriminated if thought to speak out. Thinking of my life at the age of 13, I am thought that it is my educators and parents job to guide me. However, they say this because they have seen and done it all. Still, does that mean that I cannot teach them anything? The world is constantly changing, teaching me new things that my parents forgot or did not know about. Sadly, it has become increasingly popular to speak of ethnic diversity as a civil strength.

That is just one downside of diversity. Others outlaw diversity as an example, in 1619 and on, millions of African people were kidnapped, purchased into enslavement, packed on to ships, and later on tortured and killed. In a nutshell, diversity is A important part in our daily society. Diversity means to vary from the average and normal. To be diverse means to either look, act, or possess qualities different from the majority of similar people or things.


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