On-the-Job Training Essay

Nothing beats experience as the perfect learning tool.

This On-the-job Training served as my stepping rock to purse my dream to be a professional someday. This preparation gave me an inspiration to be more serious focused in analyzing. I was encouraged to make more attempts in my surveies. Since I was given some thoughts about work of an F & A ; B in the company where I conducted my preparation. I am inspired to be like them someday.

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Despite the short period of my preparation. it was still a really meaningful one. The preparation enriched my assurance created a foundation of being a good employee someday.

It caused a really immense consequence to me as Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Student. I was truly renewed. I learned to be diplomatic in both action and words. This preparation made me recognize that it is truly good to cognize what you’re making and love it.As a pupil. what I can make for now is to larn whatever I can in school.

be inspired. love the way I am taking. and make my best in everything I do. with a positive mentality in head.

I realized that I should be more focussed in school and make everything heartily and with all that I can. It is besides really warm to the bosom to cognize that you have accomplished something and even warmer when there are people who are so proud of what you have done and I felt this feeling during my On-the-job Training.It inspired me to be more determined and competitory in everything that I do in my day-to-day life as a pupil today and as a professional someday.

My On-the-job Training is really helpful and will be really helpful to me as I continue to take my journey as a 4th twelvemonth pupil in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management. It truly gave me a gustatory sensation of the existent universe – a glance of what lies in front after I graduate.RecommendationRecognitionWith deepest gratitude and grasp.

I meekly give thanks to the people who. with all they can. assist me in doing my On-the-job Training a possible 1.To my female parent. for her ageless love and support. for supplying all my demands financially and morally. for her forbearance and apprehension during my exhausting twenty-four hours that I can’t assist her in the jobs. for her ne’er fading advices and for being there for me no affair what.

To my brother and sister and my best friend who serve as an inspiration to me. who keep on promoting me to ever do the out of everything and for their being proud and of all time back uping siblings to me.To the establishment where I am analyzing. Far Eastern University ( Manila ) .

where I am continuously turning as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Student and to —– and household for giving us. pupils. the chance to be educated without passing excessively much.To all my professors who shared and continuously sharing their cognition with pupils like me and maintain on modeling me into a better individual. I am widening my warmest thanks particularly to Prof. Elacion who.

with all that she can. portion with us everything she knows and maintain on animating me to prosecute my ends in life. most of all.

my end to be a professional someday. I thank her for her forbearance during the times that we commit failures and a large thanks for touching my life and actuating me to analyze harder for me to hold a better hereafter.To the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila – F & A ; B Department ( Spiral ) . for their warm welcome to me. To my preparation Manager. Sir Henry. to my preparation supervisor.

Ms/Mr – And to the remainder of the F & A ; B Department. I am really thankful for holding them as portion of my On-the-job Training. For all their advices and for everything that they taught me during my stay with them and most of all. for the memories we’ve shared – the happy minutes.

the sorrowful 1s. the haste hours. the brainstorming and during the times that we commit failures and a nerve-racking yearss and for everything that they did that contributed to my growing as a human being. I thanks them so much.To my friends and co-trainees.

for the felicity and for being at that place to back up me and to soothe me whenever I have troubles during my preparation. I thank them for the friendly relationship and teamwork and for being my comrades whom I can portion my laughter and sorrows with.Above all. to our Almighty God. for his unconditioned love and for all the approval He is lavishing upon me each twenty-four hours of my life. With love and gratitude. I thank Him for steering me during my preparation and for doing this On-the-job Training as possible one.

For the proviso and wisdom He has bestowed upon me. for maintaining me and my love 1s ever safe. for giving me adequate cognition and ability to execute each undertaking that was assigned to me for the challenges He has given me that made me stronger than of all time. I thanks Him for His comfort during the times that I am about to give up. By His grace.

I was able to complete this preparation without any struggle.Most of all. I thank Him for His Word that keeps on reminding me that “I can make all things through Christ which strengthened me. ” ( KJV ) ( Phil. 4:13 )


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