On availability, integrity and confidentiality of a

On 5Th September 2017 I attended my last ACS event which was based on Cyber Security. It was a big event with many IT professionals from different IT companies.

I came to meet many people who were from different backgrounds, some were students, some from IT companies and even some were IT professionalrecruiters. In the first half of the event, Alastair, the speaker of the event talked about different aspects of cyber security. Cyber security is one of Australia’s national security priorities. Australia’s national security and social wellbeing rely on the availability, integrity and confidentiality of a range of information and communications technology. The government is committed to enabling innovation, growth and prosperity for all Australians through strong cyber security. This is in line with the Australian Government’s broader national innovation and science agenda to help to create a modern, dynamic, 21st century economy for Australia.The main slogan of the event was ‘Global approaches to building the capability of your frontline cyber defender”.

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The speaker tried to analyze different aspects of cyber security and how all businesses from small to large should be aware of different segments of cyber security. According to his research, in 2016,¬†86% of Australian organisations¬†had experienced attempts to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of their network data system and according to the ACS’¬†Australia’s Digital Pulse 2017, the estimated cost from a cyber-security attack is $419,000.The second half of the event was for question answers.

There were three members as a panelist. The members were David Shearer, Matt Loeb, and Professor Jill Slay and had to answers the queries made by the guests. The panelist even tried to put forward that graduates should consider their carrier as a cyber-security specialist.

The field is huge, there are lot of opportunities they just need to do some course.I think, even if I am not working related to cyber security, but It will obviously add some merit to my knowledge.


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