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Olivia PicerneMr. Christopher MuroAmerican National Government29 January 2018 The U.S.

Constitution            Overall the author of the article Our Imbecilic Constitution, Sanford Levinson, has many opinions about what should be done to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Constitution. His main point is that the Constitution is outdated and should be altered to serve the challenges the country faces. One change he feels is necessary for the improvement of the Constitution has to do with the electoral college. Since the electoral college is confusing to everyday people, it is complicated, and it does not properly represent the popular vote with evidence from the previous election and the 2000 election.

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A second reason being that since World War Two people have opposed the electoral college and it might be time to get rid of it. Another change he feels would be necessary is controlling the separation of powers. Saying that our government is not really a government at all, due to the many different factions, often the only way anything is accomplished is when both parties have almost equal control over all four branches. Without the balance gridlock and chaos threatens. So, the author would change the system of checks and balances to maintain peace. Another element Levinson would like to change is the fifth amendment. This deals with requiring two thirds of either house must propose an amendment to the constitution for it to be evaluated.

Thus, making it close to impossible to amend the constitution. Which Levinson feels needs to happen to keep up with the growth of not only the country but the world as well. So, for the Constitution to be amended with greater ease the fifth article of the Constitution should be altered. One last thing he wanted to change was the use of elections because he feels they are meaningless. In other words that the elections are not achieving necessary decisions to help with challenges being faced by the country.            Throughout this article Levinson also mentions some reforms he would like to see put in action.

 One reform was to fix congressional gridlock by changing the number of members in each section. First would be to have the president appoint fifty house members and ten senate members. Then they would only be allowed to serve for four year terms till the next election. As well as judging Presidents on the actual things they have done rather than what they say will do to improve election results.

Another reform he mentioned was about reducing the power the president has regarding vetoing legislation. This would be done in order to reduce the presidents power and eventually return to bicameralism. Unlike the government today we have a tricameralism were three branches are in charge, by reverting to bicanteralism it would in turn reduce the power of the president.

The author, Sanford Levinson’s, main view of the constitution is that it is useless to the current country and population. Instead of helping to eliminate problems all it does is create problems. So, Levinson believes that certain changes and reforms to the constitution would be wise and beneficial to the overall success of the United States.


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