Oil the oil sands themselves.The Enbridge Pipeline

Oil in Alberta is one of Canada’s largest exports generating 16 billion Canadian dollars. Oil is the backbone and lifeblood of many industrial nations. It’s the world’s most used and most important natural resources since the 1950s. There are countless secondary industries that are associated with oil. For instance manufacturing, Manufacturers use oil the power the machinery.

The petroleum industry needs oil survive if oil runs out eventually companies like Petro Canada and Shell will go bankrupt. Oil refineries are the most prominent example of a secondary industry that needs oil to survive they split the oil into different components including gasoline kerosene jet fuel and many more necessities for humans. An example of a secondary industry associated with oil is Suncor, Suncor is a company based out of Alberta Canada. Suncor sends petroleum to Petro Canada and many more gas stations and gas related companies. The secondary and tertiary industries can vary from from near to far away from the oil sands and pipelines. Most of the locations are near the pipelines relative to the oil sands themselves.The Enbridge Pipeline System is the longest crude oil pipeline system in the world, located in both Canada and the United States.

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The pipeline system moves 2.2 million barrels of oil every day and connects 12 out of the 15 refineries across Canada. Factories and gas stations are typically farther away from oil refineries and the sands themselves. Pipelines are the cheapest and most efficient way to transport oil compared to the other means of transportation. Trains carry about 60,000 barrels of oil per trip meanwhile pipelines like the Enbridge would be able to transport about 500,000 barrels a day.

That is more efficient than trains and while the cost of building a pipeline is significantly greater than building a track, it’s still much cheaper over the long run. Also pipelines are much safer than other means of transportation.  The Lac-Mégantic rail disaster happened in the town of Lac-Mégantic, in the province of Quebec on July 6, 2013. A train carrying crude oil exploded killing 47 people. Meanwhile pipelines have only injured 1 person making it much safer.


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