Of Mice and Men Essay

Of Mice and Men is one of the best classic novels ever written by John Steinbeck.

It is a tale of loneliness and how connections are trying to be made the whole story but no one can keep a friendship. George and Lennie never stabilize a good relationship with anyone at the ranch they work on. As soon as it seems like they are in good someone gets in a fight or something gets stirred up. This classic novel made me feel very lonely the whole time I was reading it due to the feel of the text.George and Lennie are migrant workers and are for the most part, on the road with nothing.

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They carry nothing but the clothes on their backs and the dignity in their souls. At times throughout this book there are very suspenseful scenes such as when Curley and Lennie get into a fight over Curley’s wife. Curley might be a boxer but never underestimate the power of Lennie.

Of mice and men leaves me wondering at the conclusion because I feel as if the ending would have turned out a lot different if George wouldn’t have shot Lennie in the back of the head.I believe that if George wouldn’t have killed him, they would have got their own ranch and George would have got to raise the bunnies and been able to pet them like he talked about in the novel. A character in this novel that I resemble would be George. George is a laid back character and seems like the dominant power in the relationship between George and Lennie. I am laid back but I do put my foot down when needed just as George does.

Every time Lennie does something out of line, George steps right in and corrects Lennie and makes sure he knows what he did wrong. George says he hates having the burden of taking care of Lennie but it actually turns out to teach everyone a lesson. There are many questions throughout this novel that are left unanswered. The biggest question being what truly possessed George to kill Lennie. Even though Lennie killed Curley’s wife I don’t believe that George wanted to take care of Lennie anymore and he just wanted to be alone.Possibly even pursuing their dream of buying a ranch and having bunnies and a ham smoker.

In conclusion, this classic novel starts out lonely and harsh but turns into an emotional plot towards the end of the book. Without ending the way the novel did I do not believe that the story would hold as much meaning as it does. More can be taken from this story due to George killing Lennie in the end.

Overall this book was about a 3 star book. I would recommend everyone to read it because the book is suitable for all ages.


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