Objectives that involved information about their Resident

Objectives of the Study   The study was conducted to find out the relationship between Fire incident rate and Fire safety education in Davao City. Specifically, it sought answers to the following: 1.

To identify Fire incident rate of Davao City. 2. To raise awareness about Fire safety education using this study and; 3. To know the relationship between Fire safety education and Fire incident rate in Davao City.

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  Hypothesis of the Study  The study will be conducted under supposition that Fire safety education offered by the institution has a great effect on the Fire incident rate in Davao City. Fire Safety Education    Fire safety education can give a proper knowledge to the people in Fire prevention and protection. The Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Services (2015) was defined the term fire safety education to the following: 1. Creating awareness among young people on the need to be mindful of fire hazard in home; 2. Give necessary information that can help people prevent, detect and escape from fire; 3. Cautioning children to overcome the peer pressure of getting involved in crime such as arson and hoax calls.

  Training. Training is the process of learning the skills you need to do the job (Oxford Dictionary, 2010). Kuligowski (2009) has identified several factors in connected to human behavior in fires. The decision-making process is the outcome of behavioral response or an action of a person. Occupant’s response is arbitrated by the following process: 1.) awareness of the cues, 2.) interpretation of the situation and risks, 3.

) making a decision about action and 4.) action performance. A decision-making process was influence by multiple factors, such as experience with fire, familiarity with the environment, knowledge of language and many others involving the training for fire safety emergencies (Kuligowski, 2009).

Francis et al. (2009) presented a background of recent fire safety training efforts at George Mason University that involved information about their Resident Assistant (RA) Fire Academy developed with the Fairfax County Fire Department. Their residential student fire safety programming effort was reviewed in which focused on an interactive Life Safety Fair. The Life Safety Fair event raised fire safety by encouraging to participate students to different fire safety related exhibits. They also stated the four (4) fire safety related exhibits such as entering to fire department equipment, drill in using fire extinguisher, a smoke-filled trailer walkthrough, and a controlled room burn, for the safety of the residents.

Monikowski and Gray (2009) some information about the effectivity of having a fire protection system manufactured and installed by a successful fire alarm manufacturer, Simplex-Grinell. Forrest (2015) defines fire safety training as the process of instruction and learning between trainer and trainee for the efficient application and management of evacuation procedures for a building. To possibly stop the injuries and deaths the fire safety provided training to lessen the fire incidents.

The knowledge of people in the fire safety helps them in determining the provided level of training. The ‘fire Ed’ (carried out by the Oklahoma City Fire Department) and ‘kid safe’ (conducted by the Melbourne Fire Brigade, Melbourne, Australia) is the efficient fire safety programs that guides the skills of the young people.  Drill. Drill is a way of learning something by means of repeating exercises. It can also mean a practice what to do in a emergency, for example if there is a fire (Oxford Dictionary, 2010). This means that the repetition of practice in learning drill can help people on what to do in a emergency situation. Goedken (2007), stated that it is very common way to practice for evacuation from the building, especially office building but could not improve a lot if you do not tell people what to do and prepare them for the evacuation. Other than practicing for the evacuation, evacuation drill is a very important tool to identify weaknesses in the system that can make evacuation to be endangered and ineffective.

   Planning. The U.S Fire Administration Report (2008), Public Fire Education Planning: A Five Step Process, discussed the general program planning aspects for developing a fire safety intervention program by a Fire Prevention Officer, a formal role within a fire department. They promoted a five-step process such as conducting a community risk assessment, developing community partners, creating an intervention strategy (which includes education, engineering controls, and enforcement), implementing the program, and evaluating its effectiveness. An architect has the responsibility with the specific safety issues regarding for the building of the establishments and also acquiring the opinion or guidance from the fire specialist who is expert in designing stage (Megri, 2009). In order to achieve a fire safe design, Buxton (2011) suggested that the architects must have a good working knowledge of the building regulations dealing with fire safety, without depending in the fire experts.

  Education in fire safety is very important in many ways. (Gamache et al. 2011), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), runs education programs that are focused in educating individual representing different age groups about the practices of making responsible choices concerning health and safety. Planning gives an important role in the society by protecting and saving lives and preventing the fire incidents. We must to be aware on what are we going to do and be responsible. Similarly, the Fire Service College runs training programs to develop the capability and expertise within UK Fire and Rescue Service, emergency services and other categories of respondents /9Fire Service College Limited, 2015).

According to Longcore and Rossiter (2008), decorating halls with combustible materials, improperly disposing of smoking materials, and having candles in sleeping area are the common behaviors that the fire may happen and it is provided from New York State Fire Safety. They are also the one who gave the Fire Safety Template in one of the university named Syracuse University. It is for floor meetings having a knowledge to the large universities fire safety education including on how to avoid tampering with a fire in a residence hall. It also provided some information about inspections, fire drills, university fire prevention related policies and safe behaviors during a fire or alarm.   


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