Obidiah Essay Research Paper OBADIAH Judgement is

Obidiah Essay, Research PaperObadiahOpinion is pronounced.Obadiah s prophet against Edom as sentenced by Yahweh Himself is terrible andwithout hope for future Restoration of this people. Edom s offense and ground for opinion is explained by Obadiah in this sense, you stood by on the twenty-four hours of your brother s imprisonment ; and rejoiced over the kids of Judah in the twenty-four hours of their devastation. Edom has displeased God by their consistent force and hatred for their brother Jacob. Now Yahweh s opinion is passed, and there is no hope of Restoration.

This seems really contrary to the promise God gave Abraham in Genesis 17:7-9. Would God destruct the full Edomite people from the face of the Earth?The Bible portrays the Edomites as posterities of Esau ( Gen 36:1,9 ) . They occupied the land of Edom besides called Seir ( Gen 32:3 ; 36:20-21, 30: Num 24:18 ) . Through it passed two major traffic paths, the King s Highway and the route along the Arabah. After the Exodus, Israel was denied transition through Edom via these major paths. Shortly thenceforth the Edomites, in alliance with the Moabites and Ammonites, raided Judah during Jehoshaphat s reign ( 2 Chr 20:1-2 ) . For these actions, every bit good as others Edom finds itself at the words of Obadiah as he prophesies their opinion.Although Obadiah is non related to as a prophesier of God ( Obad 1:1 ) his intent is clearly established as God s mouth piece against Edom, and subsequently confirmed by his modern-day, Jeremiah ( Jer 49:7-22 ) .

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Obadiah s name means servant/worshipper of Yahweh. Therefore giving him the known rubric many of God s Prophetss operated under retainer. The fact besides that there is no reference of a male parent for God s retainer is interesting, in a clip where most Prophetss were identified either by a notice of the period in which they prophesied, their hometown ( or at least where the prognostications took topographic point ) , and their male parent, or any combination of these foliages little for one to trap point Obadiah s clip.A suggested day of the month for Obadiah s prognostication is shortly after the autumn of Jerusalem in 587BC, when refugees were captured. Although Edom is non explicitly linked with Jerusalem s ruin biblically, its satisfaction at the result would hold matched that of other states who had opposed Judah in the yesteryear.If stealers had come to you, if robbers by dark, oh how you will be cut off! Would they non hold stolen till they had enough? ( Obad 1:5 ) . Obadiah s words are clear and without dilution, God s purpose and concluding sentence is released. Edom s hereafter is certain, no leftover will be left on the face of the Earth.

A realisation of these actions is more suddenly felt as Obadiah gives the Edomites the practical events to come in at that place hearing.Esau you will be searched out! How you re concealed hoarded wealths shall be sought after! This prophetic dictum of loot and perfidy is like none of all time seen by the Edomites.It has the same branchings as a award non merely taken but besides taken and it s proprietor destroyed!Obadiah lone intimations upon Edom s destiny in vss 1-5. Obadiah subsequently goes on to show God s displeasure and direct opinion on the Edomites in vs.

7. I thought it notable to indicate out that the words you and yours are used seven ( 7 ) times in verse 7.This would to me bespeak a direct offense and unmistakable individuality of the Edomites.Obadiah now begins the following stage of his subject to the Edomites as he prophesies the anguish and devastation of Edom by those who were one time sure Alliess.Obadiah s message in many ways could be directed towards non merely Edom s unwillingness to assist her brother in times of catastrophe, devastation, and imprisonment, but besides at her pride. Obadiah exclaims in poetry 3 the pride of your bosom has deceived you. Now one must understand the topographic point of the Edomites, there places where in the clefts of the stones. They possessed some of the most sought after district for trade trade stoppage and commercialism transition, and were Alliess with a figure of reputable ground forcess.

I can t aid but to halt here and present the idea, why would God utilize this illustration with this people in this manner? Micah 6:8 says He has shown you, O adult male, what is good ; and what does the Godhead require of you, but to make Jsustly, to love clemency and to walk meekly with your God?Though you exalt yourself every bit high as the bird of Jove, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there I will convey you down, says the Lord ( Obad 1:4 ) .How easy it must hold been for a state destine from the uterus to be lesser than, function and even loved less ( Gen 25:23 ) , to one twenty-four hours happen itself among some of the greatest of states in figure and land to go full of pride. This non merely happened to the Edomites so, it besides echo s the Black Marias of many of God s people even to this twenty-four hours. Once we were lost destitute and without hope until the coming of the Lord Jesus the Christ. Now we are a chosen people a royal priesthood ( 1 Peter 2:9 ) , yet Jeremiah says the crop is past the summer is ended and we are still non saved! ( Jer 8:20 ) God s bosom still cries out for a sobering of consciousness for His people.Obadiah s message continues in poetry 8 will I non destruct the wise work forces from Edom and understanding from the mountains of Esau? Therefore the following degree of Edoms death is noted.

All of the wise work forces, Lords, governors, and pillars will be destroyed.Obadiah continues so your mighty work forces O Teman ( which is to denote the full part )Shall be dismayed that everyone from the mountains of Esau may be cut off ( Obad 1:9 )The very constructions of society, in its elements of economic well-being, wise regulation, and military security through armed force and international resistance will fall.Obadiah so begins to talk on the more obvious grounds for Edom s opinion.& # 183 ; Edoms inactive observation of loot V 10-11& # 183 ; Proud glee in the twenty-four hours of imprisonment V 12& # 183 ; Plunder in the twenty-four hours of catastrophe V 13& # 183 ; Refusal of transition and treachery to those who escaped imprisonment Vs 14Edom s opinion is sealed ; God s aim for Obadiah at this junction is merely approximately completed. He goes on to explicate the twenty-four hours of the Lord, the twenty-four hours of the Lord upon all the states is nigh ; as you have done, it shall be done to you ; your reprisal shall return upon your ain caput ( Obad 1:15 ) .

Here the tabular arraies are turned ; Edom is now the receiver of all she has given in the past. From here on Jerusalem is apparently seen or referred to in the masculine sense, the house of Jacob shall be a fire, the house Joseph a fire ; but the house of Esau shall be like stubble ; ( Obad 1:18 ) .And no subsister shall stay of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken.For the Lord has spoken! The flood tide of Obadiah s prophetic proclamation is near.

Opinion is pronounced! Yet the full intent of Obadiah s significance and intent would be missed if we were to non see the future Restoration of Judah.The dwellers of the south shall possess the mountains of Esau, and the dwellers of the anti-intellectual lowland, they shall possess the Fieldss of Ephraim, and the field of Samaria, Benjamin shall possess Gelead ( Obad 1:19 ) .The dwellers of the South, points towards the Negev, the wilderness South of Beersheva.

The grammatical function of the Negev people is ill-defined, nevertheless the house of Jacob occupied this district in which instance the entrance people would once more be the Israelites. The promise of a restored people is besides synonymous of the restored Kingdom of God. Judahs hope for Restoration is given ( Obad 1:20-21 )Not merely will at that place be a repossession of territorial countries but besides Jesuss, or those who bring an expected hereafter redemption will see the capital, Jerusalem, which had been destroyed in 587Bc.Yhwh has still kept His promise to His servant Abraham ( Gen 17:7-9 ) .While a boy was cut off, another was saved and restored.

Obadiah s prophet against Edom as sentenced by Yahweh Himself is terrible and without hope for future Restoration of this people. Edom s offense and ground for opinion is explained, punishment given, and sentence released, opinion is pronounced.SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY1. Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries. Inter-Varsity Press, 19882. The Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Inter-Varsity Press, 19803.

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