Nutritive Value Of Food Biology Essay

Even on Earth people should hold an equal diet so they can finish their ends by the terminal of the twenty-four hours. For a heavy work load and a acceptable degree of emphasis a human with no wellness jobs requiers a diet between 2000-2500 kcal per twenty-four hours. We all know people should imbibe 2000 g of H2O and eat about 300 g saccharides per twenty-four hours. Normally these saccharides can be found in 300g of veggies,300g of fruit like bananas, apples or in 50 of honey or Sweets.

The nourishment demands to be settled in order to follow 3 basic regulations:Nutrition should guarantee an appropriate growing and development.Nutrition must guarantee normal physical and intelectual developement.Nutrition should assist us contend against all sorts of diseases.When we talk about nutrient we normally refer to carbohydrate, protein and fat.

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Carbohydrates and fat help us maintain bring forthing energy and proteins frequently readjust our tissues.Carbohydrates produce more than a half of the energy that we consume every twenty-four hours. They can be taken from honey, milk, grapes or barley. We need between 100-300g per twenty-four hours.Fats provide a concentrated beginning of energy and assist us transport some vitamins. Peoples can establish them when they eat rancid pick, eggs, nuts or butter. Human organic structure needs at least 40 g per twenty-four hours.

Proteins help us repaird our damaged tessues. We can happen them when we eat nuts, chestnuts, murphies or soy. It is estimated that we require 100g per twenty-four hours.Vitamins are organic substances which sustain our being to turn and work usually. For illustration the B vitamins can be found nuts, oatmeal and milk.

C vitamin is reprezentative for blackberries, cranberries, raspberries or cauliflower. It is estimated that people need about 60mg/day. K vitamin prevents internal hemorrhages and it can be found in yolk, yogurt or soybean oil.

Minerals help our being to synthesise vitamins. For illustration human organic structure needs Ca from milk, cheese, cauliflower, P from fish, poulet and eggs or Mg from banans, seeds, Prunus dulciss or nuts.The modern adult male normally needs nutrient non merely in order to last. Recent surveies have shown that feeding can besides stand for a psychological demand so we need good quality and different types of nutrient.

4.1.2 Alimentary value of nutrient

We have developed a healthy meniu for our colonists. We estimated the Numberss for a man/woman between 20-45 old ages old, high 1,65-1,80, approximately 70 kilograms with normal physical activity.



Energy value ( kcal )







Chicken leotardss




Chocolate ice pick

100g2363,615,022,3A, B6




100g951,00,323,5A, B6

Raspberry jam

100g2750,60,071,2C, B2









Sweet murphies

100g612,00,013,3A, C








100g10216,03,72,0B3, B6


100g3812,00,11,0A, B1, B2






100g6591,173,51,1A, TocopherolTomatos 100g 19 0,8 0,3 3,5 A, B

4.1.3 Space farm

As we said antecedently we need a infinite farm in order to prolong a healthy life style. We have calculated how much infinite do we necessitate for each harvest. Sing that our colony will hold between 3000-4000 houses we have assumed that there will be at least 2 people populating in a house.




Kg/year ( 8000 people )

Space needed ( military policeman )








Entire country

1318,72 heFor the nutrient supply we will be supplying both veggies and meat to the dwellers of Theia. The harvests will largely dwell of carrots, murphies and in general workss that are high in saccharides. Because fats generate more than double the measure of energy other organic substances provide, we decided that the diet for the onboard worlds will dwell of 1 portion veggies ( high in saccharides and proteins ) and 2 parts meat ( high in fats and proteins ) . You may detect that the most used foods in these repasts are proteins and fats.

While fats are much more effectual than saccharides in bring forthing energy to prolong the human organic structure, proteins are utile in a wholly other manner: they are the chief constituent of cellular constructions.Crops will be grown on a surface which is equal to the one where we have placed homo ‘s homes.. The theoretical account will be the one of a garden with multiple degrees. This will guarantee that the infinite is used to the fullest. Because most of the workss we will hold a rich subterraneous portion, we recommand that each phase of land has a 50 centimeter dirt bed and a 30 centimeter free infinite.

The infinite between 2 workss should be approximately 50 centimeter. We should n’t worry about the measure of veggies non being enogh to feed our citizens, as they grown in a infinite identical to the one worlds inhabit, so it should be adequate regardless of the figure of houses we decide to build. While 50 % of the harvests will be used for feeding citizens, the other 50 % will be used for feeding the farm animal.


1.5 Animals

If we refer to an equal diet we must advert animate beings. Vegetarian nutrient may be an option, but we ca n’t coerce our colonists to eat lone veggies and fruit.We have reached the decision that non all animate beings will populate on Theia. Some of them need to much attending or possibly the demand to much nutrient related to what they give back.

The farm animal will dwell of half bovines ( Bos primigenius ) and half domesticated hogs ( Sus scrofa domesticus ) . The concluding behind this is that the cowss meat is protein rich, while the porc is high in fats. While hogs will be fed harvests, cowss will eat their natural nutrient: grass. The term of grass is a really mostly used term. In fact, it refers to three different households: Poaceae, Junaceae and Cyperaceae. Livestock will be placed in a 3rd infinite, which is every bit good indistinguishable to the one harvests are grown in.

They will be allowed to roll freely. Even the grass will be planted around the ecosystem, to assist bovines feel at place. For balance intents, we will be sing that one cow or hog is adequate for one homo, so the farm animal will dwell of 4000 cattles and 4000 hogs.

Everytime a new animate being is born, the oldest female of that species will be retired to be fed to worlds. The following clip an animalof the same species is born, we will make the same for the oldest male. Lodging to this system will let us to safely supply nutrient while continuing a nice and safe ecosystem for the farm animal.

4.1.4 Sports

When we talk about a healthy diet it is of import to advert athletics. Without physical activity people are exposed to fleshiness and several diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. To avoid this things our colonists will be encouraged to utilize bikes to the hurt of a solar-powered auto.

Furthermore they will hold a gym where they can pattern different types of exercising.

4.4 Atmosphere, Weather and Climate


4.1 The composing of the ambiance

Since we ca n’t alter people and their demands we should animate the chief conditions which can be found on Earth. On our planet the composing of the air is made of 78,09 % Nitrogen, 20,95 % Oxygen, 0,03 % CO2, 0,93 % Argon and other gases.Why is it so of import? Well, worlds have adapted to certain conditions on Earth. The most of import factors are the atmospheric force per unit area, humidness and temperature.

On Theia we have to see all of them if we want to make a peaceable and plesant topographic point.Because O is a gas which without life would be impossible, the ambiance of our infinite colony must hold a partial force per unit area of O ( pO2 ) which must be adequate to guarantee blood oxygenation and besides to guarantee the best possible breath. Partial blood force per unit area should non be really high, in order to avoid blood loss and major alterations in the figure and distribution of microorganisms such as bacteriums growing.On land, at sea degree, the P02 is 22.7 kPa and it is the 1 that supports the necessary O in the blood. Although the scope of fluctuation in this figure is big and non good defined, it should non transcend 9kPa.

It would be desirable to hold an inert gas atmosphere because it could forestall the happening of unusual signifiers of decompression, that can happen within the human organic structure and fistula, offering over clip a larger border of safety.As a gas, the N appears to be sensible, because although they were used more gas with this intent, it proved to be the most effectual for the settlement.Since N is 80 % of Earth ‘s ambiance, it`s non a surprise that this gas is indispensable for normal development of organisms.The fact that denitrifying bacteriums will let go of N gas in the ambiance, leads to the accretion of important sums of N.

Finally, the inclusion of nitrogen repairing workss in a settlement, is a life support for Theia and the gas can be achieved biologically by change overing N into protein.Therefore, due to the inevitable and to its assorted benefits N is an indispensable gas ambiance.The degree of C dioxide in the ambiance should be maintained below the criterion of 0.

4 kPa. However, CO2 degree will be high plenty to let maximal efficiency of photosynthesis harvests.

Atmospheric force per unit area

We all know that human organic structure exchanges gases with the environment. Those exchanges are made under the footings of a certain atmospheric force per unit area. But what if the air force per unit area alterations? Well everything will be the same except the figure of the molecules which will increase if the force per unit area is higher, or it will come down if it goes lower. This can do tachycardia and deplorable concerns, chest strivings or bosom palpitations for hypertensive people. We have to see the fact that human organic structure is made of liquids like blood and tissues like bone tissue. All of them suffer alterations merely if we talk about high atmospheric force per unit area.

But among the liquids and the tissues our lungs contain gas. Boyle-Mariotte jurisprudence sais that the volume and the force per unit area of a gas are reciprocally relative if the temeperature does n’t alter. Addition force per unit area growing can do pneumonic lesions. Oxygen can be toxic if it is under force per unit area and can harm our cardinal nervous system.

On Earth the atmospheric force per unit area is measured at the sea degree and at 0A°C and it reaches the value 760mmHg.

Atmospheric gases

First of all we will convey CO2 and O2 from the Moon in specially designed tubings. Subsequently on those gases will be produced during photosynthesis. Nitrogen will be tranported on Theia from Earth.

Since workss ca n’t absorb the molecular form of N, nitrogen-fixing workss will change over gas into proietin utilizing the root nodules of leguminous workss. In order to maintain the balance we besides need denitrifying bacteriums which will make the oppositeA : will let go of the gas into the ambiance. Of class we need trees to absorb the surplus of CO2 and we think that 20 trees per individual will be plenty.


Why is it so of import? For illustration we ca n’t hold photosynthesis without this factor. On Earth the comparative humidness is 50+/-10 per centum. On our planet the humidness is influenced by the dewpoint. The same thing will pe besides used on Theia. There will be few suites filled with H2O wich will be boiled bit by bit. Through some particular fiters the bluess will be taken, condensed and spread where necessary.


Temperature will be influenced by the conditions but a temperature between 20-25 A°C will be merely all right for our colonists. But we besides have to see that we do n’t necessitate the same temerature everyplace.

Some topographic points will necessitate a higher temperature ( the harvests ) or a lower temperature where the nutrient is stocked.

4.4.2 Weather and clime

We have been asked “ Why do you necessitate seasonsA ? You should make a lasting summer. “ Thingss are non every bit simple as they seem to be.

Worlds are designed to accommodate to different sorts of conditions alterations during one twelvemonth and that ‘s the ground why we have chosen to do 2 seasonsA : summer and spring. But from the beggining we need to advert that summer wo n’t be that hot as we may happen it on different parts of the Earth. The temperatures will ever be mild, ne’er excessively higher or excessively lower. One-half of the twelvemonth ( 5 months ) will be summer and the other half will be spring. On summer there will be about 25A°C and on spring there will be 10-15 A°C.

Between those seasons we will hold a period of passages ( 1 month ) . Optimum parametric quantities will be measured by the chief computing machine who will acquire information from all over the topographic point.But how we will maintain the same temperature during one seasonA ? On Earth CO2, N oxide, CH4 and H2O bluess keep the energy provided by the Sun, moving like solar panels. The same thing will be done on Theia. Solar panels will reflect the sunshine during the twenty-four hours. The chief computing machine will monitorize the temperature and when it reaches a certain value it will do the panels reject the sunshine.


Assuming that we wo n’t hold so many invitees we think that our Theia does n’t necessitate more than 2 large hotels. Those topographic points will hold the best conditions in order to do our colonists enjoy themselves.

But people from Earth may desire to see Theia so we have decided to hold approximately 40 read-only memories where they can kip while remaining on our Colony. They will hold a large wall made out of glass to see the beauty of the lasting dark. Besides the tourer will hold a particular path if they want to see how people live on Theia. It is of import to advert that the adjustment is n’t free.

If you want to experiment a different life you will hold to pay 1000 $ for a individual room per dark or 2000 $ for dual room per dark. Depending on the installations like the position or the nutrient the monetary value can be higher making up to 4000 $ per dark.

4.12 Parks

4.12.1Why do we necessitate parksA ?

“ A All my life I have tried to tweak a thistle and works a flower wherever the flower would turn in idea and mind.A ”Abraham LincolnAThere can be many grounds. Parks are great realxing topographic points and we have to advert that all of the workss placed there give us O2.

But we ca n’t bury the pshychological factors because it is good known that worlds have the demand for beauty. Even if we live in an industrial society, where computing machines rule everything we feel the demand of being close to nature and we want to convey it in the center of our new world.Nowadays, flower agriculture is one of the most common avocations. But beside the aesthetic factor, flowers may function as natural stuff for medicine production like Mentha pulegium, pot marigold or in decorative industry like the lavender.But in our Parkss there wo n’t be lone flowers. We will hold resort areas where childs can remain and Bankss where parents can oversee them while reading the newspaper.

A museum of natural scientific discipline will be opened in the cardinal park and it will be exposed a assortment of rare workss. Besides near the trees and the flowers there will be written the name of them on tickets.

4.12.2 Flower farming on Theia

We have made a tabular array sing the seeds which need to be provided from Earth.PlantOccupied countryNumber of seeds


15 hour angle300,000


15 hour angle300,000


10 hour angle200,000


10 hour angle200,000


10 hour angle200,000


10 hour angle200,000

Mock orange

10 hour angle200,000


30 hour angle300,000

Entire areaA : 110 hour angle


2 Herbs

On Theia will be surface of 500 military policeman which will be occupied by herbs which will be used to bring around mild diseases.PlantOccupied countryNumber of seeds


100 military policeman110


100 military policeman110

Pot marigold

125 military policeman130


125 military policeman130


50 military policeman60Even if we do n’t wish walking or passing our free clip oversing our childs Parkss are ever the perfect alternate when we want to make something merriment. However we ca n’t bury to advert the small animate beings that can populate at that place. Parks can be the topographic point where nature meets our universe, making a strong conection between the two of them.

Why? Because we do n’t desire to unplug our colonists from the nature. Even if we create this “ unreal ” environment we ca n’t bury that on Earth nature has been provided nutrient to people for decennaries.


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