Nutrition and fitness paper Essay

A.            My current fitness habit includes exercising in the morning and swimming every Sunday.  The physical exercises I do include body stretching, a little dancing, and jogging in place.  All of these take about 10 to 15 minutes.

  When I have more time, I incorporate bending and arms rotation to my regimen.  As for swimming, I normally do six to eight laps before I feel my body sweating.  My stamina is not that strong so it takes me about an hour to finish six to eight laps.  After that, I just swim leisurely, usually on my back for another 15 minutes before hitting the shower.

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  For my nutritional habit, I am more inclined towards meat and dairy products.  In the morning, I eat cereals or oats after the daily exercise.  I eat an apple with my breakfast when I have some.  For lunch, I eat meat and potatoes or rice.  And for dinner, I also have meat and pasta or pizza.  Being a student and not knowing how to prepare my own nutritious food, I take in food supplements to make up for the lack in the food I eat.  However, drinking vitamins or food supplements is not consistent because I often forget to take one before I rush to school.

Obesity            Obesity or excessive weight results to various illnesses or diseases, especially those related to the cardiovascular system.  Obesity is also linked to diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and some forms of cancer.B.Sleeping Early            While sleeping is a not a fitness habit, I would include it in my fitness habits because no matter how often a person exercises but he lacks enough rest, his body will still suffer.

  In my case, I tend to sleep late because I do my assignments late at night.  It’s simply bad habit that I must learn to change.  Instead of doing non-productive things when I have some free time, I would use that time wisely to do the things that must be done.  Watching movies and surfing the Net will be lessened so that I could begin to sleep at 10 p.m.

Increase Frequency of Swimming            Since I am already swimming during Sundays, I would like to increase the frequency of my visits to the pool.  Instead of once a week, I would go to the pool on Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon since I am relatively free during those times.  Swimming is one of the best exercises there is because it stretches every muscle in the body.  It’s also very good for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Walking Around the Neighborhood            Brisk walking is a fitness exercise I would include in my habits.  Studies have shown that brisk walking is beneficial to the heart.  It also strengthens the leg muscles.  This form of exercise will also improve my stamina and endurance so that the number of laps I can swim would increase.C.

Increase Water Intake            Time and again, studies have shown the benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day.  Currently, I drink about two full glasses and the rest of the liquid I drink would either be coffee,  softdrink or beer.  While coffee, cola drinks, and beer are liquid and contain water, they also contain harmful chemicals.  Caffeine, carbon and alcohol will ultimately have their adverse effects on the body, the least of which is gastritis.  With water, I can be sure of not filling my body with harmful substances.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages            Drinking beer has become a habit when going out with friends or even watching TV at home.  Beer could not harm the body when taken in moderation, but drinking binges on some days are making my body become less healthy.  It is also said that when a person becomes so drunk, some of his brain cells become permanently damaged.

  I wouldn’t want that to happen.  Instead of beer, I would drink fruit juices or just water.Lessen Coffee Intake            Coffee drinking is another habit I want to lessen.

  I do not intend to completely stop from drinking coffee but I would be lessening the number of cups I drink in a day.  I have coffee as soon as I wake up.  I drink coffee in the late afternoon and even have a cup while surfing the net at night.  Three cups of latte or cappuccino is overdosing myself with caffeine.  For starters, I would stop drinking coffee at night because I would be sleeping early.  Once I become successful with that, I would exchange coffee for a glass of juice in the afternoon.D.Sleeping Early            Sleeping early allows the body to metabolize food properly.

 A person who sleeps late tend to become heavier in weight.  By sleeping early, I would aid my body in properly metabolizing my food intake.Increase Frequency of Swimming            Swimming would regulate weight since it involves making all parts of the body move.

  Through swimming, calories are burned instead of getting stored in the body.Walking Around the Neighborhood            Brisk walking is also a good way to maintain weight since it allows the body to metabolize food faster and use stored calories for energy.Increase Water Intake            Having enough water in the body ensures that toxic wastes are flushed out of the system.  Some of these wastes materials, when stored in the body will contribute to weight gain.Avoid Alcoholic Beverages            Alcoholic beverages contain calories that when taken in excess could result to stored fats.  By avoiding alcoholic beverages, I would be avoiding storing calories in my body.

Lessen Coffee Intake            Drinking coffee causes a person to crave for food as caffeine hikes the cortisol level in the body.  With increased cortisol, the body would feel the need to store more energy (Lovetoknow Corp, 2008).  Energy is obtained from calories but when not used, it gets stored and turn into fats.

E.Sleeping Early            Sleeping early is beneficial to the overall health of the body because it allows for more time for cells to renew themselves.  The body’s immune system gets a boost by getting a good sleep.  It also provides a well-rested person a general feeling of well being.Increase Frequency of Swimming            Stretching the body and accomplishing as many laps as possible invigorates the muscles and makes the person feel better and healthier.

  Sluggishness becomes a thing of the past.  Swimming also ensures that the heart gets a lot of exercise to maintain its health.Walking Around the Neighborhood            Like swimming, brisk walking is good for the heart.  It makes the heart stronger and makes blood circulation better.

  Brisk walking ensures that more oxygen from the blood reaches the brain.  Without enough oxygen, a person becomes less active with poor concentration.Increase Water Intake            The body requires water for the maintenance of normal processes.

  Water is the basic element of all body fluids, including blood and digestive juices.  Without enough water, blood may become thick, resulting to slow transport of oxygen to the cells.  Water also regulates the body’s temperature.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages            Alcohol can harm the digestive tract and the liver.  Too much alcohol can cause fatal diseases like liver cirrhosis.  Alcohol also prevents the body from retaining water.  By eliminating alcoholic beverages from my system, I am promoting better health.

Lessen Coffee Intake            Coffee is a diuretic beverage, meaning, it causes the body to retain a low water level.  Without enough water, toxic buildup of urea or ammonia can occur.  Caffeine can also cause increased heart rate.  By lowering coffee intake, I aid my body to retain more water and  avoid abnormal body reactions like increased heart rate and sweating.ReferencesAbout.

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