Nursing Education Essay

Teaching Strategiesa.       Lecture Method: Lecturing is one of the most traditional teaching strategies employed in the classroom setting. The purpose of lecturing is to introduce and discuss new topics to learners. Moreover, lecturing is a good way to introduce a topic, yet at the same time incite the interest of the students by listening and learn more about the said topic. The lecture method is also a good way to teach broad topics by breaking down large topics into simpler ideas and eliminates vagueness. The advantages of lecturing includes its being economical as it does not require much instructional materials, setting an authoritative image of the teacher as he knowledgeably discusses the topics, enjoyable for students because of the theatrical feel of watching the teacher conduct discussions, and assists in developing the students’ skills in listening. The disadvantages of the method includes the role of the students as passive listeners, the inability of some teachers to arouse the interest of students by lecturing alone, and its limitations regarding learning.

Lecturing does not incite cognitive skills, such that it is not challenging enough for students because all they do is listen to what the teacher is saying.b.      Simulation: Simulation is an activity-based teaching strategy that focuses on the simulation of something that happens or is existing in the real world. Activities are designed in order to allow learners to experience a particular phenomenon sans the risks and dangers. One advantage of simulation is that it allows students to learn and experience actual situations, without having to worry about the risks and harms of engaging in simulation. Perhaps, the disadvantage of simulation would be the effort and the cost that shall be allotted to the simulation process.

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Moreover, not all topics are suitable to be taught through simulation.c.       Questioning: Questioning is another traditional teaching strategy.

The purpose of this method is to ask questions to learners in order to evaluate their understanding of particular topics and exhibit their skills in comprehension, analysis, and reasoning. The advantage of questioning, aside from its being economical, is that it allows learners to think and solve problems. The disadvantage lies in the teacher’s lack of skills in questioning.

For these teaching strategies, I would have to say knowing when to use these strategies in classroom instruction lessens the disadvantages for each method. For instance, knowing when to use the lecture method or simulation, and questioning sets the pace of desirable learning outcomes. Moreover, teachers should probably understand how to conduct lecturing in order to arouse the interest of the learners, be knowledgeable about several types of simulations, such as role-playing, and gain in depth knowledge about the art of questioning.Technological Instruction in an Asynchronous Environment            An asynchronous learning environment is conducted outside the confines of the classroom or the educational institution. Asynchronous instruction is best facilitated by the use of technological gadgets such as computers and the internet. Asynchronous learning is similar to distance or global learning.

The barriers in using technological devices as instructional methods are the students’ existing knowledge about the use of computers and its peripheral devices. Some students who are not exposed to computer-based learning may find it hard to adjust to the leniency and the needed skills for computer use. For teachers, utilizing computers for the first time would entail adjustments on their part, such that they should be able to adapt their teaching with the use of computers. Other barriers include the costs of using computers and technological gadgets in learning. Social interaction is another concern about the use of technological gadgets.

Computer-based learning eliminates personal communication with the students and the teacher, lessening the openness of communication. Moreover, the authority and professionalism of teachers is jeopardized with this type of teaching.ReferencesDeYoung, S. “Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators.

” Pearson Education, Inc. New Jersey:            2003.


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