Nursing cultural spiritual Essay

Sun.Star Publishing, Inc. (2008, April 15) Patient to sue hospital over anal surgery video. Retrieved October 5, 2008, from http://www.

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hospital.over.anal. article sums up the idea of how the privacy of every patient can be invaded even inside an operating room. It contains a story line of the VSMMC Canister video wherein the surgery spectacle resulted to a nationwide commotion prompted the authorities to take action.

The video contains an operation in which a perfume canister was removed from a patient’s rectum. Though a verdict has not yet been passed on to the culprits, the footage has created a tremendous noise regarding the rights of the patient and professionalism in the medical field. In effect, the hospital has to review SOPs relative to operating rooms and has become more cautious in the performance of duties.

It isn’t a question on taking the video because it can be done for educational purposes. What could be wrong is the uploading of such video. The mistake of just four doctors and one nurse is now a mistake of all medical practitioners in the Philippines.

Canoe, Inc. (n.d.) Nurses, nurses everywhere. Retrieved October 5, 2008, from http://career.            This article outlines that Nursing, aside from the science of caring, is where people are. Anywhere you go, you always meet nurses. There is really no problem being nurse because they can work in anywhere they want, like in department stores, banks, schools, hotels, and other offices just to share the knowledge they have for proper caring. Most nurses feel a certain point of fulfillment especially if they get to have a full autonomy over their job.

This means that they don’t have to respond to any physician at all in case their services are needed since they already have commitments over some clients to whom they have made commendable performances of responsibilities. 


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