Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Nursing Assessment Essay

Nursing Assessment Essay

Nursing Assessment

1 Page, 1 Source, APA Style; Preferred language style: English (U.S.)
Annotated bibliography of an article from a professional nursing journal on cultural, spiritual or nutritional assessment. The article citation should be in APA format, followed by a 25-75 word paragraph summarizing the article’s content and its applicability to nursing.  Please Follow Strict APA

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                Total parental nutrition (TPN), was introduced in the 1960’s to help save the life of infants and children suffering from certain chronic intestinal illnesses such as short-bowel syndrome.  The article is basically a Systematic review having looked into several databases including Ovid, Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane and Evidence-based Medicine for articles in the duration of 1999 to 2001, for the effects of long-term parental nutrition on children affected with the congenital intestinal abnormality known as ‘short-bowel syndrome’.  The condition is often very serious having high mortality rates and requiring total parental nutrition either at home or in the hospital.  The outcome of the condition varies depending on the ability of restore intestinal nutrition and the process of the intestine adapting to absorb nutrition.  This article reviews the effect of long-term parental nutrition causing bacterial translocation, lower IgA levels, bringing about a change in the intestinal mucosal structure, etc.  More than 13 journals were identified and studied for more information on infants and children suffering from short-bowel syndrome.  Across the studies, more than 400 children and infants between the ages of 4 moths to 17 years were identified as cases (affected with the disease), and 16 normal adults were identified.  Several aspects of total parental nutrition including infection, immune function, mortality rates, atrophy of the intestinal villa, duration of total parental nutrition following bowel resection, etc, were studied.  The study found that Total parental nutrition did not cause bacterial overgrowth, villous atrophy, obstruct the functioning of neutrophils, and promote bacterial infection or higher mortality in children or infants.  Certain negative effects of TPN having over the intestinal mucosa may seem to be rational, but cannot be proved through evidenced-based studies.  TPN can be effectively utilized in children to support their nutrition especially when enteric feeding would prove to be life-threatening.  TPN also did not play a significant role in ensuring survival.  Currently, TPN seems to be a safe and a life-saving form of treatment in children suffering from short-bowel syndrome.

Annotated Bibliography

Duran, B. (2005). “The effects of long-term total parenteral nutrition on gut mucosal immunity in children with short bowel syndrome: a systematic review” BMC Nursing, 4(2).


The article that I have chosen is titled “The effects of long-term total parenteral nutrition on gut mucosal immunity in children with short bowel syndrome: a systematic review” by Duran, B. (2005) from the BMC Nursing Journal.  The article is a systematic review, that looks into several databases for information regarding enteric and parental feeding in infants and children affected with short-bowel syndrome.