Nowadays, military have also been seen with

Nowadays, leather jacket: an imperative piece to any dresser, is pretty mucha cultural shorthand for being cool – put it on and your outfit immediatelyradiates a sharp, bad-boy essence. Here, a look at how the outerwear iconemerged from protective gear to a modern-day must-have style. A rich historythat widens its first incorporation from WWI to its residency among thepresent-day fashion, it’s clear to see despite the time period, how leatherjacket conserves it’s standing as a symbol of confidence, rebellion, and sexappeal.

 The history of leather jacket is apparently as old as humancivilization. Changes are witnessed in the manufacturing techniques. Also, newtechnologies are invented for the tannery enterprise. From immemorial timeanimal hides are used when man learned to guard himself against harsh weathersituations while clothes were not invented. It is well known that cavemen inprehistoric time clad themselves using animal hides.

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Hunting of animals carriedout for various other purposes apart from getting meat for food. Hunting was aprimary medium of fulfilling several purposes such as food, hides to cover thebody and to serve various other works as a faithful servant. One can observevarious leather clothes including shoes, jackets in Egyptian Pharaohs. Goatskin, deer skin, and snake skin remain some of the popular hides known to humanbeings for a long time. First Appearance:1918 WWI   Picture a closet piece like the leather jacket, an ancient style is alittle same thinking of your parents being youngsters. Seems impossible? But, theleather jacket, believe it or not, was neither always a classic, and wasn’teternally either associated with the motorcycle. Fact is, it made its firstappearance in the early 1900s upon the spines of pilots.

Various members of themilitary have also been seen with it.According tothe book “The Black Leather Jacket”, written by Mick Farren, duringWWI German interceptor pilots happened to be the first to wear the leatherjacket then seen as the bomber silhouette. Treating as a protective outerwearcover of their military attire against extreme climates. 1928: Presents The ‘Perfecto’Asignificant turn took place in the year 1928.

When Irving Schott, a Manhattanraincoat maker designed the first motorcycle jacket for the legendary HarleyDavidson. The result signified such, function met fashion. Named after a cigar,the jacket was entitled as the “Perfecto”. It was piddly sold for a$5.50.

Though impossible to believe in contrast to a celeb-coveted Balenciaga(Spanish fashion designer known for his stark elegant designs) version thatgoes for $3,000 today! The detail-confronting street vogue was basically ashortened version that chose to adopt a zipper instead of buttons like theaviator jackets that were worn during the war.From 1930s & 1940sThrough WWII leather jackets becamecorresponding with military attire. During this time the leather flight jacketnamed A-2 was standardized by the U.S. Army.

They become known as “bomberjackets,” prized for their heavy insulation and warmth. The famous aviatorstyle has since emerged as a fashion industry mainstay. You might even noticethe fur collared G-1 style as worn by Tom Cruise’s Maverick character played inthe 1986 film ‘Top Gun’.

 1950: AfterWar Brando periodAfter WWII, notorious motorcycle clubslike the Hells Angels and the Outlaws began wearing the “Perfecto” and othermoto jacket models as a symbol of their rebellion against the conformity of post-warAmerica.Because it not only emerged as attirefor pilots, but was also worn by outlaw motorcycle clubs, the leather jacketwas quickly associated with speed, danger, rebellion, and edginess. Thisreputation raised the jacket to the embodiment of cool for American youth inthe ’50s and ’60s. Unfortunately, this same reputation caused many schools toban moto jackets outright.But it would take a whole lot morethan a school ban for the leather jacket to disappear.Hollywood had espoused the tough-guyjacket, By the 1950s. Solidifying its title holder as representative of therebellious culture. In 1953, Marlon Brando portrayed a motorcycle gang leaderin the movie “The Wild One”.

Marlon happened to be the first to weara Schott designed “Perfecto” on the big screen. Immediate followingsuit was the 1955’s “Rebel Without a Cause” movie heartthrob JamesDean, who further associated the trend to the bad boy image in 1955. James washardly ever seen without his leather jacket.The 1960s: Being Cool To High-Fashion RollSteve McQueen, the King of cool roseto fame at the era of the counterculture of the 1960s—a time when anti-warartistic freedom, as illustrated in fashion, music, and film, ran wild. Stevewas a class act in his signature aviators and leather, his star roleplay in themovie “The Great Escape” (1963), further skyrocketed the leather jacket tofame.

Yet one of the biggest breakthroughsin the progression of the leather jacket happened in 1960 when Yves SaintLaurent became the first high-fashion designer to feature a leather jacket in astore. Saint Laurent’s jacket, which featured black crocodile skin and a minktrim, signs the transition of the leather jacket from flying trend to highfashion.  1970s & 1980s: Welcome to the MusicThe relationship between the musicindustry and the classic leather jacket is a historic and detailed one. Bothhave complimented one another over the years, setting each other’s culturalrepresentation and aiding in their popularity.The boom in leather jacket popularityresulted in music legends such as Gene Vincent, Jim Morrison and Elvis Presleydawning the classic jacket. Elvis, in particular, famously wore an all leathercostume, including the pants, in his 1968 comeback tour.

 International British boy band TheBeatles made the style popular among the up-and-coming rock and roll fan base.The Beatles joined the leather jacketcraze before their sophisticated mania days. Recently, in 2012, George Harrisonleather jacket was sold for £110,450. During the 1970’s, rock and leatherjackets were identical with each other. The Ramones constantly wore the”Perfecto” not only their live concerts but also in music videos suchas the smash hit ‘I Wanna be sedated’.

The late great David Bowie often wore aleather jacket but was also noticed in a full-length leather trench. It wasalso during the 70’s that women, especially in music, started adopting theleather jacket and some much needed female representation in leather’s historywas finally seen. At the height of peace, love and rock and roll, feministsasserted their equality women began to wear the leather jacket on a widespreadscale. Non-conformist female musicians, especially, began to regularly sportthe once male-dominated trend. From Patti Smith and Joan Jett to Debbie Harryand Suzi Quatro. Sure, rock bands like Duran Duran, The Sex Pistols, and TheRamones were wearing roughed-up versions, but female rockers like Blondie andJoan Jett also adopted the trend by adding studs, pins and other mixed metalsto the now unisex jacket.

The latter especially personified a female in theleather jacket so much so that her character in Happy Days was given the name ‘LeatherTuscadero’. The leather switched from thebad-attitude and bleak 1970’s to the vibrant, still bad and stylish design ofthe 1980’s. Michael Jackson revolutionized the game with his red jacket in’Thriller’, one of the greatest music videos of all time! Jackson also enrobedleather jackets at chart smashing hits such as ‘Bad’ and ‘Beat it’. The studdedleather La Rocka look made fans go crazy all over the world when George Michaelwas seen dressing it in his solo song ‘Faith’. Llyod Johnson, the designer forrenowned icons such as Bob Dylan to Keith Richards, was the one who came upwith this new La Rocka look a leather jacket solely born for rock and roll!   Fabrics & Technology Countries like Pakistan, India,Canada, Mexico and the United States, these are the majorities, where most ofthe modern leather jackets are fabricated in. Manufacturers use hides that areleft over of the meat industry. Simulating leather fabrics such as polyurethaneor PVC these are used as an alternative choice to authentic leather dependingon the needs of the customers. Those who pursue vegan lifestyles are muchinterested in these non-authentic.

Also for economic purposes, it seemssynthetic fibers tend to be less expensive than genuine leather.Most commonly used hides are Antelope,buckskin, lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide that are used to make leatherjackets. First, the skin is separated from the animal at the meat processingplant. Then it is refrigerated, salted, or packed in barrels of brine. It isthen sent to the tannery where the skins undergo a series of processesengineered to protect, preserve and soften the hides. Stitching materials suchas thread, lining, seam tape, zippers, buttons, and snaps, these are usuallybought from outside vendors and stored in the garment factory.

Nowadays,kangaroo leather is becoming popular for its suppleness, lightweight, and strengthcompared to cowhide.There is asturdy difference between leather jackets which are made for fashion purposesand those made to wear for protection, such as motorcycle personal protectiveequipment. Leather jackets designed for protective use are safety gear and innature are heavier, thicker, and sometimes even equipped with armor. Thus theyare a practical piece of clothing despite the symbolism entrusted to them bypopular culture.

A leather jacket primarily designed for fashion ideas wouldnot provide much safety in a motorcycle accident because of the jacket’s flimsyfoundation. Motorcycle jackets often have a combination of more substantialzips, higher collars, weatherproof pockets, closures, and are styled to belonger at the back than the front so that it can protect the rider’s kidneysfrom the cold while the rider is leaned ahead over the motorcycle.Many moderntypes of leather have armor on the core at major areas such as shoulder, elbow,hip, knee, and also the back where the impact of a collision happens the most.For the protectors, these are the European Standards, EN 1621-1:2007 plus EN1621-2:2003. The force absorbers and weight spreaders — built from high-densityfoam, carbon fiber, and foam backed hard polymers, titanium, and other materials.They are engineered to prevent or lower the injury by dispersing and dampeningthe impact and immense forces to the wearer.

It is ordered as a law that inEurope, armors have to have a CE certification mark. Some motorcycle jacketshave introduced the use of an airbag system, which in any case of an accidentdeploys, inflating to shield the rider’s neck, lower back, and torso.   The Style World of Men’s Brown LeatherSo your black leather jacket has beenworn to death.

You’ve routed every celebrity you can imagine of, be it rock n’roll god, motorbike rider or heart-throb actor. You’ve worn all the shapes,every cut to rock and a pretty stylish walk that you have passed. But, all of a sudden you discover thatyou are in a rut.

To be more precise a style rut, and that’s the worst kind ofit. Screams come out like “I’ve got nothing to wear!” ruin every morning.Meanwhile, piles of clothes have changed your bedroom into some sort offlood-drobe.

You, my friend, have reached mountain ‘classic’ and you need ashakedown in your style. Why not try something new? Something that reflects youas to be bold, be more daring. And without any doubt go for a brown leatherjacket. I dare you.So you’ve got yourself a brown leatherjacket. But then you’re suddenly aware that, you’ve actually got to dress it upwith something.

Now what? You are absolutely thrown! What shoes to wear withbrown leather? What colors go well with them? Have no fear, because help is athand. Let’s talk about with what brown leather jacket makes a man elegant.The military version was slack andoversized, John Travolta wore his short and slim fitted one and Marlon Brandowore his belted up and joined with a peaked cap. They knew what worked forthem, and finding out what serves you is the most critical part of purchasing aleather jacket.

As everything in life, always identifyall your options. Whether you are baggy or slim, the most important thing toremember is to assure that whatever the fit you’re going for, the sleevesshouldn’t be too long and the jacket ends at your waist. No one wants to looklike they have spaghetti-like arms or superfluous legs.The worst idea about leather jacketsare the uninspiring or ill-fitting outfits, which are bothering many men whoattempt to wear one. Regrettably, this is a very popular thing when it comes tomen and biker jackets.The jacket itself is not adequate topull everything together, it’s the promoting items that glorify the leather jacketinto bad boy superstardom.

CasualA brown leather jacket is primarilythe perfect piece to match with a casual outfit. This can be disputed, but itshouldn’t be. Whether you’ve moved on a simple white T-shirt and chinos, or ajumper and jeans, any outfit is automatically renewed with a classic leatherjacket, especially if it’s got a nice shearling finish as well. Sunday StrollRoute your inner lumberjack and styleyour jacket with the strongest of closet associates. A denim or checked shirtis a great espousal with the rich tempers of your jacket and gives you arugged, understated ending. Who minds if your hands weren’t formed for manuallabor? Doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the custom. Just be careful ofconstruction sites might they invite you in to help. Smart ChicDespite how well it can score a boostto casual appearances, a conventional brown jacket can still work with moreceremonious styles.

It quite depends on how you dress it up. The first rule ofthe finger, don’t bulk out the pockets with any excess keys, change, phone oradditional crap. You want the overall look to be sleek and contoured but, thiswill simply ruin the line of the jacket.Then you can try out the more commonformal styles, with your jacket supporting to give them a fashionable twist.Something as basic as a slim fit jumper, Oxford shirt and jeans can be livenedup with the less conventional leather jacket, while still running on the piece.

Traditional As AlwaysThis is the traditional style thateverybody assumes when they listen to the words “leather jacket”. An importantpoint to note that when you are picking out a brown leather jacket you shouldfind one that’s high quality. A low-quality leather jacket will clearly exhibitfaded colors and rips, especially in a color like brown or even black thateasily shows flaws. What you a brown leather jacket should have; vintage cutlapels, with solid stitching and imperceptibly padded shoulder pads. The jacketshould feel lightly heavy and sit conveniently when joined with a t-shirt orbutton-up shirt.

The jacket should be well-fitted but not constrict. A littleoversized so that you can breathe but it should still embrace your body. It canbe teamed up with a black or brown shoe. Leather shoes can be prioritized.

The Vintage LookBy vintage, we don’t mean a300-year-old jacket that was passed down through the generations. A vintagejacket can mean the old rock n roll or greaser style, just the way it looks.Many modern jackets are designed with the inspiration of “vintage style” but ofcourse if you can find a true authenticate vintage leather jacket that’s awesome.A vintage leather jacket composes v-cut double lapels and Square, heavy andbold style.  Top Brands & Desired ProductsFamous brands like Gucci, SaintLaurent, Levis, Kelvin Klein, Prada, and many others has always been people’schoice for fashion attire.

So in case of men’s brown leather jacket there is nodifference. If you want to make yourself a modern style enthusiastic you willbe pretty much end up wearing one of these brand’s products. A variety line ofjackets are produced by them. And there are those, their world famousdesigner’s signature one whom they reveal in mega events. You might find yourfavorite icon portrait one. Also you can find the legendary “Perfecto” andaviators in new production version. These Here we’ve placed some men’s brownleather jacket for your interest.    Brand   Product Name   Price                                     Preview     Landing Leathers       Landing Leathers Men’s Air Force A-2 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket                  $149.

99 Crafted from 100% original soft touch flexible Nappa leather. A smooth suitable lining that glides right on to wear. The jacket is insulated with polyester fill for warmth.

Shell is 100% leather, body lining contains 75% polyester and 25% cotton, sleeve lining holds 100% polyester, the filling is 100% polyester, and the rib has 100% acrylic. Made to the same standards as the official A-2 military version. The lining is printed with the WWII U.S. Flag. Built with double entry pockets adding snap closure to hold everyday essentials.

  Firm zipper with a snap storm flap front. Ribbed cuffs and hem help to snug in warmth so that no cold air will blow up inside the sleeves or body.       Harley-Davidson       Harley-Davidson Men’s Roadway Leather Jacket Brown 98002-11VM           $399.95 The Harley-Davidson® Roadway Leather Jacket. If you are the kind that takes the road less traveled. The Roadway Leather Jacket is for you. A unique dyeing method that gives this motorcycle jacket a worn and vintage look while pre-curved sleeves.

The jacket is fashioned in the rider position, which helps to fight fatigue and get you farther down the road. 100% original midweight vintage leather shell with a fixed mesh lining. Constructed with body armor pockets located at shoulders and elbows (body armor are sold separately). 2 vertical intake and back exit vents, shoulder venting, and 2-way zipper cuff vents provide added airflow. Power-stretch side panels enhance comfort and fit. Action back and pre-curved sleeves enhance mobility while minimizing rider fatigue. Interior pocket system complete with MP3 player pocket. Embroidered and leather graphics on front and back.

      Hub Of leather     Leather Hub Men’s Lambskin Vintage Distressed Brown Leather Biker Jacket           $189.99 Real leather ages gracefully with age. It gets on the wearer’s character. Natural leather is breathable, therefore you won’t feel sticky and suffocated as you would do with PVC synthetic impression. Crafted with 100% original leather. With this, you buy a quality lifestyle, not only a quality product.

Why not amuse yourself or someone exceptional with this rich, luxurious leather commodity. Genuine lambskin leather motorcycle jacket for men. Satin lining is used inside. YKK style zipper. Two side pocket slightly under the chest. Cross stitching design from shoulder to elbow for extra elegance.             Levi’s     Levi’s Men’s Buffed Cow Faux Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket               $79.99 Levis introduced this old meet new looking leather jacket for men.

Made out of 100% Polyurethane. This modernized jacket adds a hood for more of a modern fashion view. Also the hood protects you from a cold windy weather. It has a zipped front that echoes a buffed cow leather look. With two lower kangaroo pockets and chambray lining add a more vibrant style.

Rib-knit cuffs and waistband to make the wearer more comfortable. The hood has adjustable cord locks. The two added interior zipper pocket can support the storage of day to day carryings. Levi’s signature red tab is located at the lower left seam.

        Calvin Klein       Calvin Klein Men’s Faux Leather Bomber Jacket               $84.99 Calvin Klein brings this edgy faux-leather bomber jacket. Designed for a Smooth and sleek look. The jacket is composed of a 100% Polyurethane face with the back of 100% viscose and a 100% polyester lining. The bomber contains knit rib hem and a mock collar with an inner knit rib.

Zip closing front, knit rib cuffs, and two single entry hand pockets with zipper closure. Also, a single flat chest pocket is added with zipper closure. These pockets feature plenty of space. Faux leather and plaid printed center lining. Knit rib cuffs and hem provide extra warmth. CK floating metal logo centered at the back of the neck.

Also, a printed logo is embossed on the side lining.       Tommy Hilfiger     Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Smooth Lamb Faux Leather Unfilled Bomber Jacket             $74.99 From the renowned Tommy Hilfiger here comes a jacket of your ultimate clothing choice. A beautifully arranged faux leather jacket, with a 100% Polyurethane shell and a body combines 95% Polyester and 5% Cotton. Designed with the moto to make you feel most comfortable and let people admire your selection.

A smooth and sleek lamb feeling faux leather bomber jacket with stand collar. Also, center front zipper closure. Rib-knit cuffs and waistband for added comfort.

Two lower welt pockets and an internal zipper pocket for additional storage.           Overland       Memphis Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket               $469.00 The Memphis Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket takes chilly weather sincerely.

With its knit detachable collar and bib that equips you for changes in weather. The vintage-fit bomber jacket features hand-waxed lambskin, for a top grain unique exterior look with a gentle sheen. It features a raised collar with a strap and buckle closure. Displaying contrast stitching and snap cuffs. There are four frontal pockets and three more interior ones. These pockets serve a great storage facility.

The upper lining of a polyester base and the lower wool lining makes it a winter-ready.   If you are a vegan and not an admirerof original leather then Tommy Hilfiger’s Lamb faux leather jacket or Levi’sbuffed cow faux jacket could be an excellent selection. These items can performthe look of an original one and you do not even have to go over your personafor an original leather one. On the other side those who love to keep theirattire to their origin without any imaginal fabrication, a sleek choice for youcan be sporting the Landing Leather’s Air force A-2 or a top grain MemphisLambskin Bomber. These two product exhibits the more of a classic but never outof fashion look. Which makes you the attention seeker to any party orgathering.

Even a walk among the street can make you admired a lot. A brown colored leather jacket is usuallyoverlooked by the fashion folk in favor of its dull brother in black. But themystery with a brown one is that it’s just as versatile and talented as theblack family and relatively more stylish. And, even better, it nourishes you tostand out from the leather-clad crowd.


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