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Now days, every organization wants to change or modernization intheir   Introduction-   Social media has become one of the dominantforms of communication in the digital space, drastically altering thetraditional relationship between a consumer and a business. Social media marketing also known as SMM in short,it is a form of internet marketing which  involves creating and sharing of content onsocial media networks in order to achieve marketing and business  goals. SMMincludes various  activities like vedios, text  massages or texting posts and image updates,and other content that directly target audience engagement, as wellas paid social media advertising.Whatis social media marketing – social media marketing is  a process of using  social media platforms and websites topromote a product or service. Other words, Social media marketing (smm) refersto a technique which is target social network and applications to promoteproduct or brand and to spread brand awareness.  Used by businesses to target specific consumersegments Every business in modern and technical world want toachieve their goals within minimum time or at low cost. The success of everybusiness product depend on how much it makes effect on the mind of customer orconsumer.

 Now days, for advertisement purpose the use ofsocial media has been increased. It isa powerful and effective way for businesses or for organizations of all sizesto target consumers and to reach customers. Everybusiness used social media platform in different ways. BASICALLY THERE ARE totypes of social media platforms are social networking websites and mobilephones. To target a specific consumer segment, needs to Dividing consumers intogroups according to their age, their buying habits and taste.  We need to get in touch with the consumer   after afew months by contacting them through Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Social networking websites help individuals,businesses and other organizations to interact with one another and build goodrelationships or communities online. Consumer can be interacting with companiesdirectly if companies start using social channels.

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On the other hand, justunder the half world’s population is currently using the internet on mobilephones. Mobile phones usage is beneficial for social media marketing because ithas social networking capabilities, allowing individuals to immediate webbrowsing and access to social networking sites. Companies will be gettingfeedback of their product from consumer directly within few days of the productlunching, which helps to consumers and companies.   Many companies and business collecting a dataof customer’s response or feedbacks from that social marketing sites and appsaccording to that data they designed a customer segmentation planes.

Afterthat, relate their new product with the customer’s feedback and lunched theproduct.  Companies advertise the newlunched products by using social media apps and websites. Every social networks allow you to create targeted paidcampaigns.

For example Facebook — you can share posts here according to targeted gender, behaviour,age, location etc. Needs to getpersonal on snapchat with customers and giving them product information by shortads. Organizations need to give attention to active social media users andoffering them new products. In result, companies can extandtheir boundaries and reach, expand their customer or consumer size.  Socialnetworking sites act as wordof mouth or more precisely, e-word of mouth. Mostly formaking a new products companies get the ideas or understand the customer needsfrom the comment box or inbox from these social networking websites andapplications.  Many organizations used SMM for improving their products  after getting consumer’s suggestions.  How various social media offers different ways toadvertise brandsAdvertisement of product and brands has been done byevery business.

  There are different waysto advertise the product. social media marketing also one from them. socialmedia also provides different modes to advertise product. For example:- Facebook,snapchat, WhatsApp,  you tube, yahoo, Gmail,google+, tweeter etc. The selection of social media  network depond on the 3 important factors :-1.    Where your target customers are most concentrated(usage, groups, etc.)2.    Where your target customers are most accessible(preferred media, ad targeting, etc.

)3.    Where your target customers most actively engagewith ads (testing required) On Instagram, new and old productcan be advertised by adding links  andposting text or images in stories. it will help in getting the response ofcustomers from comments . the way of advertise products on instagram are Connect to Instagram.,Ad creation options,Set up your ad.

,Choose your audience, budget, and adlocation.,Choose your creative and select Instagram.,Instagram ad creativeoptions,Create captions and select call to action buttons,Ad setup completion. .On theother hand , facebook also the most usable platform for promotion purpose.Organisations needs to make  page oftheir  brand on facebook  and promote the new products from here. Yahoomail and gmail  are antoher  media through which organisations advertisingthe product pictures .

keep contacting and make good relation with customers byoffering them attractive offers by texting or calling  on whatsapp or by normal call.  Snapchat also used by maximum organisationsand business industries to promote their brands through updating stories. The youngesters mostly usedyou-tube for getting knowledge, fun etc. On you- tube by advertising their brand make easy to target the consumers for example – giving ads before vedioon you tube.   Unlike Facebook, Twitter is still a viable network fororganic engagement. Brands don’t need to pay in order to reach their followers,which enhances the platform’s value even when running paid ads. E-commercestores today use Twitter ads primarily to drive brand awareness and promotespecific products for direct conversions.

The most common model is Twitterwebsite cards hosting under 100 characters and displaying some variety of richmedia.  On twitter first of all companiesneeds promote accounts, after that product related tweets, than needs topromote trends and website card. Pinterest is one another type of social mediawhich is used by companies . it is visual like instagram but unlike instagramin terms of use.

This platform highly target a women instead of men. example ofPinterest ads LinkedIn is anotherunique social platform that revolves primarily around the B2B market. The brandwanted to reach an audience of ambitious, young professionals across Europe andextend awareness and engagement beyond their existing customer base.  Todo that, they looked to LinkedIn.



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