Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Novel and about what she will be

Novel and about what she will be

Novel in Verse EssayIn the free verse poem “Next”, Patricia McCormick describes to us what Lakshmi is seeing in this new city and what’s new and old to her to show what she’s thinking and the uncertainty of what’s next. Lakshmi describes the world around her by using many words. She describes what’s around her by putting her thoughts into a list. The speaker uses the words “a” and “next to” (McCormick 65) to try to keep the words in order (or a list). She does this to maintain order in her mind after having so many questions in her head as shes going to a new place for the first time ever in her life and doesn’t know what’s happening. The speaker also uses the phrase “what will happen to me next” with “swarming, hurry up city”(McCormick 65) to reveal the unpredictability of her new life in a new environment and about what she will be doing next. The author breaks words and phrases into other lines. She does this to create poeticism and to create a mood in the story with the same words “what will happen to me next”. She also says “I crane my neck this way”(McCormick 65) to symbolize the anxiousness and excitement of seeing new things for the first time in her life. In the poem, McCormick uses repetition to show what the different people in the city are doing. It also allows Lakshmi to see how her world differs from her new one (the city). For example, “a man selling broken pieces of motorcycles” (McCormick 65) is probably a new thing to her because in her village, she probably has never seen many (or any) motorcycles while “a man selling cucumbers”(McCormick 65) isnt a new commodity to her, as she used to eat cucumbers back home in her village. She repeatedly uses the words “a” and “next to” at the beginning or end of each sentence to differentiate the other “stories” of the people from the city. The author does this to make the passage more clearer and memorable and it could even emphasize the whole passage which it does. Patricia McCormick also uses imagery to support her meaning of the passage. She uses imagery because she wants to let the reader know how Lakshmi feels when she is put in a new surrounding. She uses sight “a boy plucking the feathers from a lifeless chicken, next to” (McCormick 65) to show what she is seeing as she is going throughout her travel in a new town for the very first time ever in her life. She also uses sound to let the reader know what she is hearing and what that means to her. McCormick uses the example “a bone seller rattling his wares” to “an ear cleaner, grunting with satisfaction” (McCormick 65). From a man cleaning ears to a seller rattling his wares, these examples contrast one another and allow the reader to know that she is hearing many different things in the big city. This passage connects really well to the whole story, as the story is about a girl finding a new life and journey because of sex trafficking. This passage tells us how Lakshmi feels as she is moving through the city, and how her old life in the village was really different. With the use of imagery and repetition, the author makes it clear that the focus of the passage was for us, the reader, to understand how she feels during her travel throughout the city.