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Not sure which social networking platform to use? Instagramor Snapchat? Here is the platform that I would recommend for businesses There are stories of Instagram and then Snapchat.

 What should you use? Snapchat came out first, then Instagram Stories, butInstagram Stories is more popular. So, should you use Snapchat or should you use InstagramStories? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’ll share with youif you use Instagram Stories or Snapchat. The answer I have is probably not what you’re waiting for. I’m not going to tell you to use Snapchat, and I’m not goingto ask you to use Instagram Stories. Instead, I tell you that you should use both. If you’re already creating content for one of these socialsites, why not use it for both? How long does it take to remove the phone and post an imageon Instagram and Snapchat? It is not so difficult. If you’re not willing to use both, it means you’re lazy.

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 “If you’re already in one, you should be in both.”Because here’s the thing, there’s a different audience onInstagram than Snapchat. Of all the research we’ve seen on the web, yes, there aremany overlays, but Snapchat tends to have a younger audience. So go to the two, what do you have to lose? Little tonothing. And when you use them both, here are the things you shouldfollow if you want to do well. First of all, your stories must be aligned with each other. For example, you do not want to talk about food for a minuteand then drive the next minute. See the similarities in those stories? Why not me.

But whenyou relate to each other, people are more likely to continue to see each ofyour stories and continue. In other words, it creates a journey or a story that peoplecan follow.  Number two, anticipation of the construction. The iPhonealways launches new phones, or Apple is the one that is launching new phones,but launching new phones, computers and products all the time.

 How do they build it and make a lot of sales because theycreate expectations? They always have news that Apple is planning this way or aredoing this, or this is what is about to come out. In other words, they are creating expectations and launchproducts. Now you do not have a product to launch, but you can createanticipations. For example, if I was doing a story on Instagram andtomorrow I could end up sharing some traffic tips, today what I can say is say,hear all, look at me tomorrow in my stories on Instagram, I’ll give you tentips to duplicate your SEO traffic . See how I’m building anticipation? I tell people what will happen tomorrow, so for all thosepeople who are interested, it’s much more likely to come back. The last advice I have for you is that if you use Snapchatand Instagram Stories, you can not do it once a day or twice a day.

 You have to use it all day. It does not hurt you It’s not like posting an image 20 times a day on Instagramthat will lose your followers, or make your photos “like”. Using stories, people can follow you throughout the day. Think of it as a reality TV. People can follow and follow when they want.

 If you do not want to, you do not have to do it that day. And the good thing is that, once finished, it disappeared.Therefore, they are much more likely to continue doing it every day.


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