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Not NecessaryThe buying decision among couples varies with each product they decide to buy. For individual use, couple tend to make their own choice and decision in the case of objects like car.

In this case the product has been bought after evaluating the use and model of the car by one of the couple with or without the consent of the spouse. A different set of couples however purchased the car after jointly agreeing on which model to purchase. In certain cases, the opinion of wife is also made by the husband. This happens when one of the spouses is practical and the other is extravagant. A practical spouse gives importance to the use of the object and does not show interest in buying unwanted accessories.  However, some husbands take the opinion and approval of their wife before purchasing valuables because they feel the purchase should not be a mistake and they prefer not to be blamed for not taking the opinion.

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While selecting products like furniture the decision is made on the spot and it does not have a pre plan by either of the spouse. The task of deciding on bedroom and living room furniture is often made by the wife and the decision about the purchase of a television is made by the husband. When a joint decision is made there is room for negotiation between the spouses.When negotiation takes place, the decision making involves compromise. Further, when joint purchases are made, the negotiated decision is an outcome of each person’s likes and the affordability of the couple. However when couples live together for years, there is an imperative agreement on purchases based on the likes and orientation of either of the couple. Hence there is no practical negotiation and couples agree on what they like to purchase.

In some cases, the husband makes the purchase when the wife complains about a broken utensil or kitchen equipment or when the husband wishes to surprise his wife with a new product. There are also women who handle the shopping themselves. Some women check out the style and price of products and brief their husband about the purchase. In this type of cases women take the lead and husbands do not interfere and rather say that he likes her way of buying. The wife makes the decision mostly when she belongs to the professional class who displays more power and influence on their husband (Williams, N. 1990, p.

127, 129-130).In conclusion, the purchase decision is made by couples based on the nature of the product. The choice of selecting a television remains to be a man’s privilege and the wife does not seem to care, while the purchase of furniture is either a woman’s choice or a joint decision.

The factors affecting the purchase are utility, luxury and in advanced societies, women seem to have an upper hand if they are professionally employed though the male dominance remains for the final decision.ReferenceWilliams, N. 1990. The Mexican American Family: Tradition and Change.

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