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Not all of us can catch up to our latest and live TV shows, and we tend to miss quite a lot of them, while YouTube doesn’t satisfy the need with having fewer channels available. But on Kodi, it’s a whole new dimension giving access to various live TV channels to calm your thirsts for streaming with the help of add-ons. These add-ons are readily available and suggested by experts in the Kodi community.1.    Goodfellas 2.

0One of the original add-ons of Kodi, Goodfellas 2.0 is being a favorite choice among the Kodi community. The 2.0 is one of the best options to opt for viewing live TV as this add-on gives you numerous and favorite channels which you never even expected to stream for free. The Add-on also removes the public streaming content across the face of the web. It also suggests and provides movies and shows popular among the masses on demand with content borrowed from several sources.

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Not to mention the stream quality is immensely high and recommended by many. Pretty clear that you’ll get hooked to this add-on.2.    cCloud TVWhen it comes to TV add-ons having the most efficient add-on is a necessity to avoid lags, that’s where cCloud TV springs up. This add-on includes a large number of options under one umbrella with thousands of channels listed with user-friendly access.Almost all UK and US channels will appear with a wide range of international channels as well. What’s good is it’s user-friendly with a profound interface to quickly navigate and browse.

The source of the stream may be doubtful at times, but the add-on has no such gimmicks3.    BennuDisappointment articulated among the Kodi fanatics when Phoenix, the well-known add-on went offline but within no time it emerged back on the web by the name of ‘Bennu’. Bennu filled in the gaps where Phoenix left loopholes including the organizational structure and functionality of the streams is concerned. Equipped with all types of channels to stream, whether its sports to live TV channels across the digital media.

Hands down it’s the best when it comes to actively maintaining it for live TV streams. 4.    USTV Now PlusIf you want access to unlimited U.S cable networks, then USTNow is the right add-on. Parallel to UKTV Now, USTVNow provides seven simple network channels for a free version of CBS, CW, ABS, PBS and Fox). Channels can be acquired for a monthly subscription of $19.

00. The Subscription includes the ultimate must-have channels such as History, CNN, syfy, Fox News and also a wide range of options for movies.If worried about the crackdown of illegal streaming than take a deep breath since USTVNow follows all the laws regarding streaming rights. You need to go to their website and create a free account. Initially it gives you all access to all but bound you only to 7 channels and full 29 channels if subscribed.5.    BBC iPlayerIf talked about authenticity then BBC iPlayer is the right pick.

Similar to USTVNow this add-on is fully licensed regarding online TV streaming. Allows you to access BBC’s live streaming content as well as the material being top on demands with an addition to high HD quality stream. Provides scores more of diversified categories including live radio, live TV, highlights and program lists and most important a search function.The Add-on is available on the Kodi media center version by default.


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