North Korean Famine Essay

North Korean Famine            The North Korean population has experienced extreme situations of famine ever since 1994. The severity of the event in North Korea is seen in the fact that large numbers of the citizens have died due to the effects of the famine. Although the causes for the famine have been uncovered, the affair still continues to rampage unchecked within the borders of the Korean nation.

            The main reasons for the famine are the agricultural status of the country as well as the urban environment. North Korea had been continuously plagued by floods which lowered their agricultural production. Tidal waves and drought also caused losses of arable land and large decreases in the annual harvests. The economic collapse of the country also contributed to the famine. Trade was mostly dependent on the Soviet Union and when this region fell, North Korea fell with it. This made it harder for North Korea to rise up out of its unhindered state of famine.            The effects of the famine may be stopped and eventually reversed if arable land can be identified.

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This land needs to be located in areas that are less prone to sudden climate changes and environmental disasters. Insuring appropriate locations of agricultural areas might be the key to solving the food crisis in the country. Utilizing areas in the region that are not exposed to coastal dangers like tidal waves, that are accessible to irrigation, and that are not prone to flooding, will eventually insure steady and stable harvest that can be relied upon to produce sustainable food supply for the population of North Korea.            Opening trade with other countries would also help to assuage the state of famine. By increasing their economic status, it might not be necessary for North Korea to produce the entire food demand of its citizens. Trade with other countries could open up more financially practical avenues of importing food supplies.

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