North Korea Review Essay

North Korea ReviewNorth Korea is a very secretive nation. It closed its borders to the rest of the world and do not accept help from anyone. At least this is how North Korea is viewed by most people. However, after watching the documentary, one would realize that the rationale behind the attitude of North Korea about the rest of the world is firmly rooted on its system and administration. To this effect, it is at the same time important to take note of the character and background of its leader.

North Korea, as shown in the documentary, is highly influenced by the patraonage of the populace to a ‘god-king’ leader. The documentary portrayed Kim Jong il as the absolute leader in North Korea. He is described to have a personality cult that render him absolute power across the country. There is nothing much that can be known about North Korea aside from its physical attributes due to the fact that it is an intelligence black hole. No information can get in or out of the country without permission from their great leader.Throughout the film, there is an expression of generosity and faith to Kim Jong il. It is more or less fifty years ever since the Korean Wars ceased but the tension still remains. In North Korea children are ‘brainwashed’ and taught about ‘self-reliance’ philosophy that Kim il Sung, Kim Jong il’s father created.

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Most of those who would like to defunct are killed. Their families and relatives are said to suffer in concentration camps. After several years of indoctrination and fear, it is not possible for anyone to lose sight of reality.

This view only emphasizes the need to recognize the type of leader Kim Jong il has been. Accordingly, Kim Jong il, is a militaristic and charismatic leader who is caught up in a former system and philosophy that perpetuated Korea after the Korean Wars. The vision that Kim il Sung had is a unified Korea which might also be the same vision that Kim jong il holds. Kim Jong il tries to control and continue his father’s legacy. Kim il Sung, is the only author of all the books in North Korea. Aside from this, there are several pictures, paintings, sculpture and other representations of Kim Jong il and his father scatter in the whole capital of Pyong yang.

As a result North Korean people depend so much to their great leader and attribute all goodness into him. He is well respected and people are shown to be all indebted to his kindness. Nonetheless, there are other reports, according to the documentary, that show Kim Jong il to be enjoying products and luxury from other countries. Yet, all of this seems to be trivial and/or unimportant for the people.

At the end, North Korea remains close to the world. Only a few understands English. Most people hate Americans. People are very thankful of their great leader.

The country remains poor with several children and adults malnourish. The economy is not prosperous and life is very hard. People are shown to cherish their leader so much.

Despite the obvious restriction of rights and freedom, people believed whatever Kim Jong il says. North Korea despite trying to portray its success seems to be more of a communist military system. Their leader is good in convincing people and taking advantage of his situation.

Kim Jong il’s personality and his education are two of the main points that must be taken into consideration when talking about his influence into the country.Work CitedDocumentary.


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