North Country Essay

North CountryNorth Country is a dramatic film that speaks of injustices and discrimination during the 1970s in the United States.  In particular, it was the story of a single mother who left her abusive husband and went to work in a mine in order to give her children a better future.  As typical of the period, Josie, the lead character, suffered bullying and sexual harassment from the male-dominated industry.  Unable to contain her resentment for the treatment she was receiving, Josie complained to management.However, she was not heard.

  Josie was ultimately attacked physically by some of her male workmates.  She left her job after everyone, even the union, refused to help her fight her cause.  Left with no other avenue, she sued the company for what happened to her.  Without support from any quarter, her cause seemed hopeless at first.  But her father took pity on her towards the end and stood up for Josie.  Also, Josie had a break when her former high school boyfriend became her primary witness.

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  In the end, Josie became triumphant and won the case, the support and admiration of many men and women.While watching the film, I couldn’t help but be emotionally involved at the unfairness of Josie’s period.  Men were treated superior while women have to be silent and suffer their shame alone.  As a whole, the movie portrayal showed a heart and deep understanding of the societal flaws of that era.  Reflecting on the differences of the present society to that of the 1970s, it made me feel good that despite the problems facing us, there are some things we should be proud of — women empowerment being one of those.

  Although there cases here and there of sexual discrimination, particularly in the workplace, these things are properly heard by the courts and decided on based on existing laws that are fair and equitable on both sexes.


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