North Carolina Alcohol Regulations Essay

North Carolina Alcohol Regulations18B-303 Amounts of Alchoholic beverages that may be purchasedThis law limits the amount of alcohol a person can purchase at one time. It states that no more than 80 liters of a malt beverage can be purchased, unless it is a draft malt beverage in a keg, in which case you are allowed to buy an unlimited amount.  It also limits the amount of unfortified wine that can be purchased to 20 liters and fortified wine/liquor up to 8 liters.  Purchases that are greater than the amounts specified are allowed if a purchase-transportation permit is obtained.  This law is enforced to insure that people cannot make large alcohol purchases without the proper permits.18B-305 Other prohibited salesThis law has three subsections that pertain to who is not allowed to purchase alcohol.

  The first subsection prohibits any employee to knowingly sell an intoxicated person alcohol.  This law is important because any individual who is already intoxicated does not have the proper judgment to possess and consume more alcohol.  The second subsection in this law states that an employee may, in his discretion, refuse to sell to anyone.  It also prohibits any individual to knowingly buy alcohol for a person that has been refused the right to purchase.

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  The last subsection of this law says that no employee may discriminate against an individual by refusing to sell to them based solely on the person’s religion, race, color, national origin, or disability.18B-306 Making wines and malt beverages for private useThis law states that an individual may make, possess, and transport their homemade wine or malt beverage either for their own use or the use of their family and guests without an ABC permit.  Native wines have to be produced with honey, grapes, grain, or other fruits grown in this state.  The wine shall only have the amount of alcohol produced by natural fermentation.  Malt beverages should be made with malt beverage kits that contain grain extracts or concentrates.

  This law also permits the sale of wine and malt beverage kits in North Carolina.  It is however illegal to produce wine or malt beverages with the intent to sell to other individuals. 


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