Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Non violent protests Essay

Non violent protests Essay

The traditional American political ideology is directed at eliminating all political restrictions on democracy. it aimed at removing all traces of stratification. However, the economic ideology is that of wealth in abundance. America is seen as a land of opportunities. Anyone who is willing to work is said to make it, no matter your race or nationality.

Developing countries can take a cue from these ideals by developing a system whereby democracy is adopted as the system of government so that more people would be involved in the process of government. also, a strong sense of nationalism can be inculcated into these nationals by the government creating the enabling environment for their citizens to exploit their creative mind to improve their standard of living.

American strategic and economic interests have considerable effect on its relationship with developing nations. most times, these countries are in dire need of foreign aid and they have little choice but to give concessions to America and American businessmen who decide to invest in their countries. in this way, America is often given a bad name as the big bully that always gets what it wants. its strategic interests might also make some of these countries feel that America is encroaching on their territorial integrity.

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non-violent protests are aimed at achieving socio-political goals through symbolic protests, civil disobedience without violence. the main goal is to effect change in a non-violent way. it is also called passive resistance. Information welfare, picketing, leafletting, poetry and music, community education, lobbying, tax resistance and boycotts are some of the ways by which non-violent resistance is achieved.

the story of the non-cooperation movement of India is still one of the classical examples of non-violent movements that was hugely successful. Mahatma Gandhi orchestrated the revolution.  it led to the liberation of  colonial India and also the improvement in the status of the so-called untouchables. it was largely successful because of the wide support received from the people.

Non-violent movement is likely to be successful if a large number of people is involved in the struggle. In this case, the people can successfully carry out their action , be it public rallies, protests or even picketing. On the other hand, violent protests are often taken when the people involved seen to be the minority and their voice is being ignored for a long time. These group of people turn to violence as a last resort after taking the non-violent course for some time.