Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Non Store Retailing Essay

Non Store Retailing Essay

Non Store Retailing

With the passage of time, the world is shrinking through the advent and evolution of technology. Communication of people around the world is now a vital aspect for every individual. People around the world are broadening their modes of communication which now include the internet, and social networking has become an imperative source for communication. This paper will focus on how the chosen product is distributed through sources other than on store retailing. It would describe the various forms of non store retailing used by the company to promote and sell its products to the consumers.

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Due to the advent of globalization and the expansion of world markets, the global market place has rather contracted and there are connections between all parts of the world. This progress into technology and modernization has given a great boost to companies selling products such as mobile phones and other communicative technologies. One of the leading companies among these is Nokia which is considered as the world leader in mobile communications. As the use of mobile phones booms, Nokia makes this sector its core business and opts to provide the optimal solution to the communication need of people all around the world. (Baker, 2001)

Nokia has been serving its consumers for more than a century and has established its mark as one of the most successful companies. The products offered by Nokia have evolved with respect to technological advancements and the demands and needs of the consumers. One of the latest advents in the collection of products of Nokia is the new N series smart phones that have the ease of access to internet, a relatively large memory space and it provides the user with almost anything that is needed in a mobile phone. (Stimpson, 2002)

Nokia has a widespread market and it caters to almost all kinds of consumers. However, the target market of the Nokia N series mobile phones would be people who have a passion for cellular phones, professional individuals who need to be in touch with the world at all times and even youngsters who enjoy carrying a phone that would cater to their needs of entertainment. Nokia is a well known and high class brand and for this reason it does not need to advertise or persuade its target market through sending sales representative to individual consumers. Nevertheless, the new products that are launched by Nokia need promotion and endorsement for it to take the limelight in the mobile industry. For this purpose, there are several exhibitions, displays and showings of the N series models where the consumers can come and experience the phones first hand and get to know its features and attributes. Direct selling of new models such as N series phones is done right after its launch to create hype for it in the market. (Stimpson, 2002)

With the boom in television and media, advertising through television channels has become the largest source of marketing and it is considered the most effective because se it can target a broader market. Nokia being a large scale company with a target market that covers all ages and professions of people has a great edge television home shopping. Television home shopping is a relatively new happening and it is proving to be successful. It is the act of selling products on the television where customers can order their products as soon as they see it being advertised on TV.  (Baker, 2001)

Direct mail and catalogs is another widely used for of retailing without the locating the product on the shop shelves. The Nokia N series has also made use of this promotional activity and has created an awareness of the new range through advertising in magazines, publishing its own product catalogues and mailing potential customers on the introduction of the new creation. (Stimpson, 2002)

With the advent of globalization and the phenomenon of the world wide web that has the ability to connect people from all around the world, large scale companies selling high class products have achieved a great edge and a new platform for promoting as well as selling their goods. Nokia makes best use of this opportunity and has laid the most weight and emphasis on online retailing. The N series is available all over the internet, and hence, accessible to individuals in every country or region of the world. (Baker, 2001)


Nokia N-series has managed to gain interest from all around the world and has proven to be another great success for Nokia, along with the obvious technical reasons; it was a major contribution from the promotional activities and the implementation of non store retailing strategies that lead to this accomplishment. In the end it is important to understand that for most of the companies the use of non store retail option helps to go the extra mile in creating a reputation, brand image and brand loyalty for the product. The modernization and advancement of the world into a global village has caused an increase in the competition among companies worldwide, therefore, it has become a fundamental need for the companies to focus on building brand loyalty and maintaining a competitive edge and this is aided through different platforms provided by non store retailing.



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