Non Governmental Organization Essay

Non Governmental OrganizationIn chapter three of Cuisimano’s book, she talks about the live concert in four continent which attracted  over three million  musicians campaigning against escalating poverty and   lasting solution to the problem. The concert was meant to pressure world leaders ahead of the G-8 summit in Gleangle Scotland. According to the book the G-8 countries are considering doubling aid to Africa, cancel the debts of the world poorest country and extend accessibility to HIV and Aids treatment (Cuisimano 78). Non governmental utilizes world media in order to have wide coverage and According to the book, these organizations can help bridge gap between the capacity and normative procedures in a way go beyond sovereignty of states (Cuisimano 79)To establish, run or organize an NGO, it requires an open democracy and economy. When the economy flourish and people become more liberalized, there is a high likelihood of explosion of so many NGO according to the book (Cuisimano 85). Liberalized society is a hallmark for freedom and expression and there fore supporting existence of many NGOs. Authoritarian government fears N.G.

O s since they are capable to work to bring down such government. This has been witnessed in countries such as Argentina and Chad where N.G.Os emerged to fight military opposition. Although such moves are accompanied by a lot of human rights abuses, it is the N.G.O.

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s role to fight the vice (Cuisimano 86).The work for NGOs goes beyond sovereignty; Cusimano writes that corporations and NGOs view the world as a free market. They can challenge a state and at times act as a state when the real state fail to do so (87).

The world bodies focuses on peace building and rebuilding state institutions while utilizing on state actor an approach which the author says is not practical in this world. He goes on to say that in such a world characterized by weak and sometimes predatory sovereignty non state actor should intervene in building peace that is sustainable. Catholic and religious bodies have long been globalizing forces for bringing change (Cuisimano 89).ReferencesCuisimano, L.M. Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for Global Agenda.Wadsworth            /Thomson 2ed, 2002.

(ISBN: 0-495-09026-3) 


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