Non-Government Organization Essay

Amnesty International            Amnesty International is a non-government organization that advocates for the respect for life and humanity and regard for the rights of every individual around the world.

The organization has placed humanity and democracy as its major responsibility. Amnesty International seeks to become a channel for all people to receive or acquire the intangible things due to them as human beings with equal freedom and rights to freedom, justice, equality, and truth. Every individual has dignity and it is their ultimate right for it to be recognized and respected. (Our Mission, 2007)            Amnesty International has provided for its members an online portal for the Amnesty International Magazine wherein people can read about the activities of the organization, become aware of the current crises around the world that influences humanity as a whole, and determine what each people can do to assist the organization in realizing its aims and objectives. One of the features of the magazine in its Spring 2008 issue discusses the aims of Amnesty International to abolish the practice of Death Penalty.

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This was led by human rights activists in New Jersey. (Lajoie, 2008)            Efforts were made by the activists to reach the New Jersey State Legislature and initiate voting in order to bring to an end the practice of death penalties for guilty criminal offenders. This campaign began in 1999. It was also in this year that advocates for human rights established the New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty or NJADP. The primary purpose of this small and state-wide organization is to urge the state government to abolish death penalty and implement criminal sentences from other alternatives that do not violate the laws of humanity and individuals rights.

(Lajoie, 2008)            To further the aims of NJADP, it asked for assistance from Amnesty International USA or AIUSA and other smaller groups, such as some law enforcement groups, Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation and National Coalition to Abolish Death Penalty, which advocate for the same purpose. NJADP relied on the population of Amnesty International to fight for a cause that will and should be supported by many. Organizations which supported the advocacy were persistent in fighting for a cause that upholds life and humanity. After almost eight long years, death penalty was finally abolished, however, in the state alone.

The final count of the legislative voting resulted to 44-26 in favor of the abolishment of death penalty. The decision was made through the investigation and study by a blue ribbon commission. (Lajoie, 2008)            It is quite comforting to learn that a humanitarian non-government organization such as Amnesty International is willing and prepared to go at great lengths in order to protect the human race from inequalities and iniquities. In this particular case, the issue of death penalty was resolved with the combine efforts of several local and international groups such as Amnesty International. The conclusion of the advocacy was not disappointing because the long-rendered services and efforts of the organizations produced desirable resorts, such that death penalty was abolished due to a positive vote from the legislature. Although it has only influenced a particular decision in a single state, it opens new opportunities and inquiries from other states, seemingly creating a chain reaction that would break the patterns of death penalty in the court system.

            With this in mind, I believe and I should try to communicate more the importance of abolishing death penalty not just in the state of New Jersey but in any other state. It should be a nationwide practice, considering the life of every human being whether they may be criminals or innocents. Amnesty International do not only work on this particular case, but also reaches a wider coverage by addressing all kinds of issues that have something to do with the rights of every human being.

These issues include terrorism, genocide or ethnic cleansing, specific populations that are at great risks, violence and such. (Our Core Issues, 2007) The Amnesty International becomes a beacon of light that empowers every human being to take action and become involved in eliminating the constructs of society that violates every human being’s rights and endowments.ReferencesLajoie, R. (2008).

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