Noise pollution Essay

Questions no. 1:            We all want to live in a neighborhood of peace and quiet.

We all want our homes be our refuge from the everyday stress that we encounter from our work. The least that we want to happen is to turn our village into a scandalous pot full of noise. A new nightclub proposal in the neighborhood won’t help to complete one’s idea of peace and solace at home. As much as possible, this shouldn’t be allowed because a lot of the homeowners’ sake must be considered. Babies and infants are very sensitive to noise especially when their growing age needs them to sleep a lot. And then there are the elderly who probably won’t allow this nightclub in the neighborhood in the first place.

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They are the most conservative in the age group and they may not understand the existence of the kinds of night clubs that we have today (World Health Organization, 1999).            As much as possible, we don’t want this night club in our village but should the worst case happen, which is it still needs to be built, certain restrictions must be implemented to avoid abuse of permission that was granted to that night club.            The night club has a reputation of being very insensitive to those who live nearby the community. With that taken into consideration, it is very important to create restrictions and if these are not followed the company should take punishment and even face closure. The night club should be made of sound proof materials so as not to disturb the community. There are already a lot of night clubs that have sound proof materials and I don’t think this would be a hard condition for the company. Now night clubs may have customers who become over drunk and may create chaos within the people and damage in the properties.

Should this occur, the company should shoulder the damages made to the people and to the properties as well. They should also pay a fine to homeowner’s association. Not following these regulations may lead to closure of the company.            Now it would be up to homeowners if they would like to avail a hearing protection—something of which the night club should provide to the most likely affected neighborhood. But if the night club would have sound proof building, then this won’t be a problem at all. Who knows, the night club might even help in promoting the neighborhood.

Question no. 2Radon is a natural gas that causes cancer. Next to smoking, it is the leading cause of lung cancer in America and claims 20,000 precious lives per year. Radon is most of the time present in our homes but a relatively high amount of this gas can be extremely dangerous to the human lives.

All of us are exposed to the fatal gas but on a normal case, the dose would be really low. However, radon can be threatening in areas where there is high concentration. Usually, the homes located on soil are likely to have very high concentration. That is why a national awareness in radon is conducted by the government to further avoid losing more lives because of the poisonous gas (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2008).If my friends are considering buying a house that may have high radon level, I would give them a series of advice on things. First, I would suggest that they have their home tested.

A radon test is cheap or one can even perform it on their own. I will tell my friends to contact the National Safety Council because they perform radon tests. Some home improvement stores also sell radon safety test kits. A state radon office is also organized for every state so if my friends choose to contact their own mitigation contractor.As much as we want to worry ourselves with the radon present in our homes, a lot of innovation has been made. There is a new trend going on the home-building market. The radon-resistant construction is probably the most effective key to the radioactive chemical.  Builder and former National Football League player Fuad Reveiz discusses the methods ofbuilding radon-resistant homes such as cementing some parts of the huge part of soil land.

it will also help that they plant a lot of trees because plants prevent the gas from being inhaled by humans. With this useful remediation, homeowners have less to worry about their health. My friends will also have a chance to get their dream house.ReferencesUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (2008). Radon. Retrieved July 16, 2008,from http://www.epa.

gov/radon/index.htmlWorld Health Organization (1999). Community Noise. Edited by Berglund, Birgitta &Lindvall, Thomas, Stockholm , Sweden .

Retrieved July 16, 2008, from


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