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What are the most common societal attitudes towards homosexuality? How do these attitudes affect the development and experience of sexuality for gay, bisexual and straight people? What is known about the factors that influence the development of sexual orientation?

            Society has changed a lot over the past couple of decades.  The increasing relations between people of different races and cultures have also made it easier for society to accept other “different” things in the world.  Homosexuality is one of those issues that have gained growing acceptance in today’s society.  Where homosexuality was considered as taboo, it has no become so widely accepted and the differences have not been considered as such but have instead been considered as advantages.  Take for example the show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” which basically shows that homosexuals have are fashionable and can help straight men look good.  As such, homosexuality is no longer regarded as taboo but is rather accepted and arguably embraced in certain sects of society.

            This development and experience has indeed changed the experience of sexuality for gay, bisexual and straight people because the acceptance of homosexuals has not only stated that it is acceptable to be a homosexual but also to engage in actions that are homosexual in nature.  The sexual acts that are homosexual in nature are now acceptable in society.  While there have been decisions in law that prohibit homosexual sexual acts, there have also been acts that liberalize its practice.

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            While there has been this growing acceptance of homosexuals and their practices in society, there is still no consensus on what influences the development of sexual orientation.  There are still two main theories in this matter.  The first is that it is influenced by environmental factors in the early stages of human development.  The second theory is that it is genetically influences and that it has occurred even prior to introduction into society.  Now that homosexuality has been arguably accepted in society it could mean that a better understanding as to the cause or influence can finally be arrived at in the near future.