No Dearth of Conflict Knowledge Essay

No Dearth of Conflict KnowledgeConsistently learning new theories of conflict, conflict management and peacekeeping, the learner vows not to memorize each one of them.  As Accord works to apply the theories it has learned to manage conflicts and establish peace in Burundi, LeBaron mentions cultural sensitivity in conflict management, although Accord in Africa has no reason to understand that, given that it is an African organization dealing with Africans (“South Africa’s Peacekeeping Role in Burundi: Challenges and Opportunities for Future Peace Missions”).

  Wehr (1998) reminds the reader that this intense focus on theories of conflict and conflict management was only established during the 19th and 20th centuries.  It was also during this period of time that theories of almost everything were developed in great abundance regardless of whether they would ever be applied.     Conflict management is something that even children must learn.

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  They do not know theories of conflict; and yet everything seems to work out for them with the guidance of their elders, regardless of whether the latter have studied theories of conflict.  Of course, if the elders find themselves in situations where they simply cannot manage their conflicts, they might try reading more on conflict management.  Reading ten theories of conflict one after another may very well give readers enough ideas about conflict management.  All the same, theories may not be remembered when it is time to apply them.  What is more, everybody has a belief system.  Only those theories that somehow resonate with one’s belief system are acceptable to the reader of conflicting theories.

  The remaining are food for thought.  It is noteworthy, therefore, that perusing ten theories of conflict one after another is not a vain exercise.  It may help the reader to refine his or her belief system if nothing else.

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