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Nixon Politics Essay

Nixon Politics

            Richard Nixon became the United States President during the time of a great foreign policy crisis in America. This era was characterized by the Cold War, and thousands of American troops were deployed to Vietnam. It was truly a testing time for the president, but he took the challenge head-on. Nixon had the idea of changing the foreign policy of the country. He saw that it is most important to value the country’s interest in the long run, and he knew that it would only be achieved if there is a balance of power worldwide, so that peace and prosperity may reign. Nixon made sure that America remained strong in the eyes of their global counterparts like communist nations China and USSR. He relied on the country’s stability to project America’s strong image, to ward off any assertions by its competitors (Time Magazine, 1968). Instead of fighting with each other, Nixon focused on partnership and willingness to negotiate in order to maintain peace. Instead on trying to eliminate communism and winning the Cold War, he focused on new initiatives that promoted cooperation.

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            On the other hand, foreign policy during the cold war pursued that the United States should provide overt and covert aid to anti-communist forces so that they could thwart the Soviet-supported nation in the world (MSN Encarta, 2008). It aimed to decrease the Soviet’s hold and influence in various areas of the world, while pursuing capitalist relations with the other nations. The United States offered financial and logistic supports to these nations in order to accomplish their own goals of ending communist reign and establishing the American supremacy. While Nixon focused on cooperation with such countries, the Cold War foreign policy intended to take them on.


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