Niels Bohr Essay

Niels Bohr“Nothing exist until it is measured.” – Niels Bohr            Niels Bohr is one of  Denmark’s pride because he is considered as the pioneer of Modern Physics. Throughout his life, he became a multi-awarded scientists who made several achievements that revolutionized the perception and understanding on Science.

One of his breakthrough discoveries was about atomic structure. In 1911, Bohr’s mentor was able to identify the “nucleus of the atom.” However, the solidity of the “nuclear model of the atom” can not be justified solely through classical theory. Bohr understood the problem and generated a solution by proving that “electrons move around the nucleus of the atom in restricted orbits” (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2007, “Bohr, Niels Henrik David”). Also, he showed that “ an electron could drop from a higher-energy orbit to a lower one, emitting a photon (light quantum) of discrete energy which became the foundation for quantum theory.” Because of this, Bohr was awarded with a “Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them” (Science Castle, 2007, “Niels Bohr”).            Moreover, the breakout of the Second World War II influenced both the Axis and Allied forces to develop destructive weapons that can prolong and end the conflict. The use of atomic bombs became an option for the two parties.

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But Bohr saw this move in a different perspective. He advised Franklin D. Roosevelt, then U.S.

President, to let all nations  participate and share information about atomic nuclear energy to eliminate mistrust among powerful countries which if it happened can drive them to utilize it to cause further havoc. According to his correspondence to Roosevelt, he said that “unless some agreement about the control of the use of the new active materials can be obtained in due time, any temporary advantage, however great, may be outweighed by a perpetual menace to human security” (cited in Spartacus Educational, 2008).ReferencesScience Castle. (2007, May 23).

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