New Technological Devices and Their Use in Leadership Enhancement Essay

New Technological Devices and Their Use in Leadership Enhancement In the business world “time is money” is a common phrase, but management of time and timely communication are the most important components in any leadership role.  Twentieth century has brought about many technological advancements that allow leaders in any field to communicate quickly and save time.  One such device is the computer.  This is the one most useful device that allows a leader to enhance their leadership skills by allowing the  sharing of information thru the internet, the capacity to store large amount of information without using much space, and having access to that information instantly.     In today’s fast paced world no leader can be effective without getting the latest updates, keeping in touch with subordinates or advisors.

  The ability to communicate quickly and effectively is a must; couple that with the ability to research instantaneously and you have the perfect tool no leader can do without. During meetings a computer can be used to make power point presentations, or you can build a data base of information relevant to your field, and if required you can even use it to promote yourself.       The word processing abilities of computers are astonishing.

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The spelling and grammar mistakes can be corrected automatically.  The cutting and pasting features are amazingly simple to use and very handy when it comes to making revisions.  The best part is that word-processed pieces are much easier to read than something written by hand.

All of these things help leaders to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently, (“The Many Uses of Computers”).     With the endless qualities a computer possesses it is a wonder how anyone, let alone someone in a position to lead can go without using a computer.  But that is not all, now with further technological advances computers are becoming smaller and lighter thereby making them easier to carry.

  Hence, you can have it with you at all times.  This allows you to be able to contact anyone you need to talk to, and any information you may require available to you at the touch of a button.     The selection of a computer as a tool to enhance my leadership skills is to me the most natural thing.  With all its benefits I can’t imagine why anyone would choose anything else.

I can use it communicate, give instructions, get the latest updates and keep abreast of the newest developments in an instant.  In this fast paced society the only way to get ahead is if you are aware of all that is going on, and the only way to do that quickly and efficiently is with the use of a computer.”The Many Uses of Computers.”

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