Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary New English Class Essay

New English Class Essay

For me, Journey in English 9 was like a sea; Calm at most times, but will sometimes be disturbed by violent waves. The waves will then dissolve, and the sea will become calm once again. On the first day of English, I stepped in without any fears. I was confident, and also excited for another year of English. Our first assignment arrived shortly. We had to write and present a short essay revolving a quote. ‘Every moment you get is a gift. Spend on things that matter. Don’t spend it by dwelling on unhappy things. ” This was my quote, and I felt that I did well. Although I was still lacking in oral presentation skills, I was improving.

Short stories came next. In short stories, I had a few obstacles. My problem was not being able to comprehend the stories well enough, and being unable to make relevant connections. However, I was able to improve by working daily on the exercise “Think Aloud”. Think Alouds gave us the opportunity to be able to choose a specific quote in the story we are reading. After, think about the quote, provide your comments, connections, and questions. This particular practice helped me greatly by letting me practice making more connections, comprehend the story more deeply, carefully, and provide opinions you have for each part of the story.

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Therefore, now when responding a question, I can provide more deeply thought comments, ideas, examples, and connections. We were later introduced to a brilliant novel, Cue for Treason, and an online class discussion group, bloggers. In this assignment, we were expected to read the novel daily while answering questions at the same time on blogger. We were each assigned a small group so we can share ideas, discussions, and learn how to give one another good, helpful feedbacks. For example, if you are giving your peer a critique by commenting, “Good job! ” You wrote well! It won’t be considered as a helpful feedback. Instead, you will have to point out things the writer should improve on, ask questions on the parts you did not fully understand, and lastly, give a few positive responses. At first, I admit I wasn’t giving out well feedbacks.

But overtime, with the help of a few tips, I was able to give good, strong responses. The Questions we were given were a little complicated for me at times. You had to reply to big ideas, such as our first question, “Was a person’s path determined before they were born? Is it today? Or can a man change his stars as the clip suggests? For this question, you not only had to provide a well thought idea of your own, but you also had to make connections with the clip, and thoroughly provide evidence along with you ideas and explanations. I had unique ideas, but I felt that I did not make my point clear enough, and did not make enough connections with the video clip. My group members gave me suggestions, and this helped me improve further. In my final question for Cue for Treason, “Should people hide or face their troubles? ” I felt that I did a good job using varied examples and blending in present day examples in contrast to the text examples in the same paragraph.

Throughout my English Journey, I learned that Is it okay to make mistakes as long as you are willing to change and learn from them. Everyone makes mistakes, and mistakes can help us learn, help us discover more things, and lead us to our right path. Don’t be afraid of obstacles, and instead overcome them bravely. English 9 taught me how to make connections and examples, character traits, visual communication, and more. One thing I regretted for not accomplishing in English 9 was being more active during class and group discussions, but hopefully I will be able to do a better job next year.