Networking and the Internet Essay

            In this modern world, everything was set by the technological devices especially the computers. Even the smallest detail of business has its own way of subsidizing the ethical dilemmas of the owner or employers as well as the labor forces. It means that through the works and processes of the technological devices, one can produce a certain kind of degree that enables each business to develop further in the field of industrial realization. This is what Ron Bates is trying to imply in his article entitled “Internet Presence and Professional Networking and Their Relationship to the Complex Sales Process.” Through this article, readers could be able to understand the presence of networking in a sensitive perspective of business and networking in today’s modern world. According to Bates, “Possessing a visible Internet presence and professional networking skills can be a big help in executing a complex sales process (Bates 2006).” It shows that processing is always attached to the existence of the internet today.

As the internet becomes bearable, processing also becomes the satisfying aspect of the web in accessing to the knowledge of the web.            Based on my own understanding of the article, the author wanted to say a simple thought – processing is the eye of the internet in many aspects of the web. The internet and the networking serve as the body of the technological devices that exist in today. It means that if one of the two factors is incapable of producing their responsibilities, there would be no sufficient production of stability within the whole system of the web. “Networking is critical in any complex sales process. The better you are at it, the better you’ll be at closing more complex sales.

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Possessing a visible Internet presence will help others understand who it is that is attempting to network or meet with them (Bates 2006).”;


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