Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Network inventory Essay

Network inventory Essay

Network inventory

Social networks might appear to be useful tools in job search, given the different professional backgrounds of its members and the fact that each part of the network also has own, unique social environment, full of potential opportunities. I have many friends, who work for diverse, dissimilar businesses and who can help me either directly or indirectly if I will need a new job. One of my best friends is Danci Hernandez from Dominican Republic, who operates in the area of real estate. Some time ago I entered his office and purchased a house in this country, given that my profession profile is associated with traveling and real estate. Similarly to me, Danci is an international specialist in this area. One more person, who pursues the same career, is Damien Ortega, real estate manager at Remax, who has been helping me with purchasing property and traveling with me around the world for business and entertainment purposes. I also have many childhood friends: for example, I have a please to know Andrew DaCosta for already 20 years, Imran Emamdee for 17 years and Jerome Caldwell for 15 years. These people are dependable, but they are still focused on their education.

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If I decide to move to Dominican Republic, Danci Hernandez is most likely to help me with employment. He grew up in this country and himself has a number of professional and personal contacts with local managers and executive in securities, real estate and other businesses where I may potentially be useful. In this case, he can introduce me to his local friends and give me a good recommendation, stressing my international experience, flexibility and knowledge of numerous cultures. In addition, he may help  me with housing in Dominican Republic and advise a community, where it is possible to meet a potential business partner or knowledgeable expert, who can also be useful to me as a newcomer.

Additionally, Danci himself works for an international real estate company, so upon my request he can find out the existing vacancies and the related requirements, placed on candidates. He can also contact the HR department and receive more precise information about the stages of candidate election, interviews, criteria, against which each pretender will be assessed and the main values and belief they will need to exhibit to be considered eligible. He is also likely to write a letter of recommendation for me, which will be a useful bonus, since the company is likely to trust the choice of its employees.

Due to the fact that I am not fully familiar with the local educational system and the existing labor market treands, Danci can help me with additional training, which will allow operating in the local cultural, social and business environments more successfully. If  I decide to do my business in Dominican Republic, Danci can provide me counseling on what each employer in this country should know (pertinent legislation, employment regulations, salary issues, regular employer and employee expectations). As a result, I will be able to run a lawful and transparent business and hire people for long-term professional relations. In addition, I am likely to learn from my friend about the existing situation with market competition and the niches and audiences, which haven’t been addressed so far by local businesses and which I will need to take into consideration if I wish to avoid harsh rivalry with other enterprises. My friend can also help me with finding an office accommodation and a reliable bank, through which the financial side of my business will be operated. Finally, if I decide to establish a real estate business and my idea seems o him plausible, Danci can become a co-founder, thus substantially contributing to its development and further success. Finally, it is important to note that Danci has always been a positive and encouraging example of a successful and highly motivated professional, and given the importance of having such a role model in the closest environment, I can conclude that his role in my job search will also consist in empowerment through his own business achievements.

Damien Ortega is a responsive and supportive person, so he is likely to help me in case I wish to work for Remax International. As an employee, he as an unlimited access to the information about the existing hiring practices in Remax and, similarly to Danci, he can act as my recommender and counselor when I will be preparing for the interviews. Furthermore, given his considerable professional experience, he can also help me with selecting my future business direction (commercial or residential real estate, its location and terms of employment) at  Remax and warn about certain mistakes, to which the company is particularly sensitive and attentive when examining candidates. Damien frequently attends professional trainings, which allow updating his knowledge and skills, so he can help me in a search for supplementary education if I feel I need more relevant knowledge.

My childhood friends are still students, but they might also help me if the existing real estate crisis forces me to change a profession. They can advise an educational institution and a good master’s or PhD program so that my transition to a different area of competence is much easier. My childhood friends also have a number of acquaintances abroad, including Europe, Canada and Japan. Therefore, if I choose to switch to another market, they are likely to acquaint me to the natives, who have priceless knowledge of the local market, culture and legislation, the three vital aspects each newcomer entrepreneur should research. In addition, they potentially can help me in the search for business partners and investors as well as in the organization of my business (registration, government relations, accommodation and so forth).

As one can conclude, my own and my friends’ international acquaintances will play an important role in my job search. In particular, the existence of such a broad social network allows choosing the suitable educational opportunities and the most favorable market, where I will have significant advantage. Psychologically, my friends will help me remain disciplined and motivated for realizing my managerial or entrepreneurial talents.