Network article entitled ‘8 Skills Network Engineers

Network Programmability is a topicthat I find much interest in and isrelated to my area of study. According to Gooley and Tischer (2016), “Networkprogrammability is a set of tools to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot a networkdevice” (p.3).

This topic is of particularly interested to me as I am anaspiring Network Engineer who sees network programmability as the future ofnetworking, hence, I want my skillset tobe aligned to this. Froehlich (2017) in his article entitled ‘8 Skills NetworkEngineers Need In 2017’ states that “The days of network administrators onlyhaving to understand layers one to four of the OSI stack are long behind us.Today, we must understand the stack all the way up to the application layer”.Like Froehlich, I believe thattraditional Network Engineering is evolving to include programming skillset towhich I am pursuing.   The topic network programmability isclosely related to my professional field as anInformation Technology Specialist. Currently,our network infrastructure does not have network programmability tools, henceeverything is done manually. The major reason for this is because none of thepresent staff has the skillset required to effectively implement network programmability. Pursuing this topic will help me to be moreproductive and marketable in my professional field.

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According to Iliesiu (2017), “we have reached apoint in which the scale of our networks, the agile nature and dynamicrequirements of our network infrastructure cannot be realistically configuredand managed one device at a time.” Iliesiu is reinforcing the need for networkprogrammability in the workplace as it allows for efficiency and greaterproductivity.  Configuring networkdevices can be very time consuming especially when configuring multiple devicesas each device will have to be configured individually. These tools will reducetime to configure network devices and toimplement changes hence, ‘freeing up’ time for me to work on other projects. Italso allows for flexibility as it has the ability to manage from one tothousands of devices at a time; flexibility to scale from very small businessto large enterprise. Large businesses today requirea large network infrastructure,therefore, in order for them to survive, Network Engineer skillset is needed.Today, these Engineers are in high demand, thus opening doors for new jobs withhigher pay and promotions.

 My major in computer science allows me to go in-depth learning different programminglanguages. Thus, I will be equipped withthe requisite skills needed to implement and manage network devices usingnetwork programmability. 


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