Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Netherlands and its stand on the war towards Iraq Essay

Netherlands and its stand on the war towards Iraq Essay

Netherlands and its stand on the war towards iraqNetherlands is considered to be one of the most progressive economies in the global scene today.

Likely, it could be noted that the said progress could be based strongly from the developments that the said country is giving on their food industry, which appears to be one of the most developed economic source of the country. Developing organizations such as Uniliver and Heineken has become one of the most effective approaches in globalization that Netherlands has utilized to be able to make it to the world scene of advancement in industries.     Being considerably small in population, Netherlands appears to be less strong than expected. However, being governed by an organized monarchial administration, Netherlands manages to become one of the fastest progressing countries in the world. However, small as the nation is, it is still concerned on the most significant issues that govern the entire human society today.     Indeed, Netherlands is particularly a small country that is standing at a neutral status with regards world issues. As of now, being as small as they are, they are trying to take care of their alliances with other stronger countries to be able to safeguard their values as well.

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However, when it comes to worldwide terrorism attacks such as that of the September 11 incident in America, Netherlands is rather forced to take sides. This is primarily because of the fact that the said issue does not only concern the country attacked but the whole world as well. However, because of the high morality and human rights issues connected to the situation, the Netherlands representatives to the United States choose to take safe sides.

     Obviously, upon observation, Netherlands’s representatives to the global relations have a divided view with regards the war that the United States of America is trying to establish against Iraq. Primarily, this is because of the fact that the war does not only concern terrorists, but also their families and other individuals who are innocent. To them, butchering the welfare of the entire country is not the right way to solve the issues of worldwide terrorism. Primarily, “fighting fire with fire”(Sammon, 2003, 18) is believed to be one of the most desperate measures that America could take into consideration. Likely, the said process would even cause much chaos that involves not only America alone but all the countries that are allied to it. Understandably, taking such measures would rather cause a worldwide war that would likely only worsen the situation. NO matter how the United Nations try to stand in between the two countries, it could never be denied that through this particular move, more and more civilians are sure to loose their lives again.

Certainly, the Netherlands’ government strongly believe in securing the best interests of the human society as a whole which is “respect for life” especially of those innocent ones who are living within the area that is considered as the focus of the war.     As noted through reports, Balkanende, a representative in Netherlands, believe that handling the issue responsibly is the main concern of the people of Netherlands (Shadid, 2006,Internet). Repeating the past years of dreadful war during the two World Wars in the human history is certainly not the right step to take. However, because they stand as an ally to the American government and also believe that terrorism needs to be ended so as to secure the values of the people in the society today, Balkanende stated that Netherlands remains neutral.

Although they are willing to give political support to the American government but never a military assistance to answer to their needs of supposedly stopping terrorism from spreading worldwide, they are remaining in their stand of neutrality especially when it comes to human rights issues. In support to this idea, Wouter Bos also says that the process of establishing war against Iraq as a whole is likely a measure that displays lack of confidence in the forces of the country or on the other way around may also display over confidence (Shadid, 2006, 21). The said approach is much violent that would cause more chaos than arrangement with the situation being treated with considerably.     The Green Lettists and Socialist Party of the said country remains anti-war.

(Shadid, 2006, Internet)Obviously, the said approach on the American all-out war against the territories of Iraq is not considered by the parliamentary government of Netherlands as something that should be pushed through (Shadid, 2006, Internet). Although they do want to control the situations of terrorism development in the global scene, they believe that there are still other ways rather than simply handling the situation in a much violent approach.     One point of view is that terrorism is a symptom that can indicate a variety of racial, social, and political injustices.

Catholic priest and theologian James T. Burtchaell (1988, 14) stated: “Some terrorism is perpetrated by an ethnic and/or religious (and usually economic) minority that demands self-governance: Basques in Spain, Catholics in Ulster, Huks in the Philippines. . . . Some is undertaken by governments threatened by majority dissent .

 . . Some is the venture of a national minority that aspires to control the government.” But is it just minority groups that resort to terrorism? Burtchaell continues: “Some terrorism is sponsored by governments to discredit, destabilize, and displace the government of another, uncooperative nation.”(Sammon, 2003, 19)     Actually, nobody involved knows a solution to the problem of terrorism.

It can take so many forms and occur in so many places. “Terrorism is like the mythical monster Hydra,” notes Brian Jenkins, an expert on terrorism. “Everytime you cut off its head, two grow in its place.”(Sammon, 2003, 22)A few persons, or even one, can terrorize millions. The recent planting of poison in Tylenol headache capsules in the United States, called “an act of terrorism pure and simple,” is an example. Authorities simply have no way of dealing with what has become a revolt against organized society.

 These are the primary reasons why although the Netherlands government remains allied with the forces of the American society, they remain in their stand of being anti with regards the approach of war against Iraq. They strongly believe that there are other measures that could be done to meet the needs of solving the issues of possible worldwide terrorism rather than using war as a measure of fighting back.Reference:James Tunstead Burtchaell. (1988).

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